Opposites End in a Vacuum of Ashes: Quantifying Human Compatibility

Five Thirty Eight is a new website that uses data quantification to make qualitative evaluations of our human lives.  A recent article concerning people really only wanting to date themselves captured my attention.

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Gender Rules for Crossing the Street

I walk everywhere.  Not needing to have a car is a blessing of living on the East Coast.  Janna walks everywhere, too. Sometimes, we walk together — and therein lies the rub when it comes to combining our love of walking — because we usually have trouble crossing the street.

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The Winnowing Man: Women in Combat

Now that women have finally, and officially, been approved for combat roles in the USA, the Winnowing of Modern Man is now complete — and the dissolution of that manly myth is long overdue.  The harsh and prosecutorial role of men in the history of the world has been to control and temper the overwhelming power of the female form using religion, laws and politics as cudgels for behavior correction.  The forever stain on humankind is the trans-vaginal wand, “clean” women, and forced separation during menses because a woman is considered too filthy to share a bed with her husband as she bleeds.

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Manti Te’o Has a Man Problem

Manti Te’o has a man problem, and I’m not sure he will ever be able to fully resolve that problem and have a great NFL career, or even recover enough from this public “hoax” to live up to the promise of his Mormon upbringing.

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Confessions of a Married Man

Loud Talkers, beware: We can hear you even if we want to tune you out!  I know many Loud Talkers want to be heard beyond the ears of those they are speaking with and that’s why I have no problem relating this overheard conversation between two middle-aged men sitting in a coffee shop.

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Boys and Bananas

I’m bananas about bananas.  I became hooked on them as a child when my grandfather was ill and his doctor told him to eat a banana a day to help naturally boost his potassium levels.  My grandfather was a hardcore Nebraskan who lived a red meat and potatoes diet all his life.  His favorite appetizer was taking a slice of Wonder Bread and spooning three glops of sour cream on it and then eating the whole thing in a single swallow with the same glee a child wolfs down a donut.

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In Utero: Getting Reprimanded for Science in Florida

As a relatively new parent, I have to cringe a little bit when other parents ask me certain questions about parenting. Specifically, when they ask me how I am going to approach “potty training” — that term just puts me into a bit of upset. I have yet to find any person who can give me a solid reason why a silly childish term had to be created when a real term — toilet — was already there.  In Florida, the equivalent of the “potty training” substitution is happening on the House floor. State representative Scott Randolph, in part of his argument against union dues being deducted from the paychecks of state employees, used the word “uterus” — and apparently it upset a few people in the House. Randolph was asked to kindly not discuss body parts while on the floor of the House.

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