On Becoming Question Centric

We live in a world where answers are given more value than the questions being asked.  We want results, not idle inquiry.  We reward the definite and the concrete while dismissing the unanswerable and the curious.  Today, I argue, the best of us really rests in the questions we ask and not in the answers we provide.  When Albert Einstein was a teenager, he asked this question:  “What would happen if I could imprison a ray of light?”  Nobody had the answer to his question.  For the rest of his life, he honored his own childhood wondering and brought the rest of us into his light.

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No Regrets Except for One

I do not believe in regret.  We live our lives.  We make decisions.  We must live with the decisions we make because we cannot travel back in time to make amends for bad behavior or mulligan immoral responses to moral conditions.

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Should We Challenge Beliefs?

Should we challenge beliefs we do not share, or should we accept the beliefs of others as in situ realities even though beliefs are, by definition, not framed by facts? 

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Who Am I?

by Steve Gaines

I spend an hour every morning
working up a sweat on exercise machines
in a gym,
in a coronary care facility,
in a hospital,
in an age of heart
problems run amok,
in a brand new century,
in the very first year of the new millennium, in
my sixty-forth year.

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