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Contextual Related Posts Added

I just added the Contextual Related Posts Plugin to your favorite Urban Semiotic blog. Now when you click on a post title you can see a list of other related posts from the past down near the comments box. Fantoostic! This gives new life to forgotten thoughts and brings them up out of history to reshape the present.

All The Answers You Will Ever Need

Blogger vs. WordPress

Here’s a great article by jayajha for those wondering about the comparison between Blogger and

Try This if You Dare

If you want to help me test I would like you to try to add the following link to your Blogroll via the LINKS menu in your admin view:

Please add that link just as it appears. Do not add “www” to the front of “” and then let me know if it appears in your Blogroll and if you can then edit or delete it from your LINKS Admin view.


Pick a Header Color, Any Color!

Do you like how my “David W. Boles’ WordPress Blog” header looks?

You can have it, too!

Go into your PRESENTATION menu on and then choose the “WordPress Default 1.5” theme and then once that theme is active you choose “Current Theme Options” while still in PRESENTATION view and there you can do yer a’ pickin’!

Permalinks Death Penalty

Never change your Blog permalinks!
I learned that lesson the hard way.
If you have no idea what I am talking about that is great news.
Stop reading now!
Click the Back button on your browser and read something else!
(A five second pause as the Back button is clicked…)
Okay, then. 

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