The Review

When Microsoft announced the redesign and re-branding of Hotmail and to, I raced over to the virtual land grab to get the usernames I wanted for the new domain.  If I’d understood the process better, I likely would have just converted my pre-existing email address to an email address — but that process was not clear on Day One, and so I gambled on being safer than sorrier and just started all-new accounts on

What I didn’t expect in the transition from — and in comparison with my Google Apps life — is just how great would be in function and aesthetic!  Wowser!  I like the new icons and fast interface.  The overall look and feel are refreshing and new — I can’t wait for the Calendar to be updated to the new design.

The biggest surprise was firing up on my iPhone and finding how fast and easy it was to use.  Pages load really fast.  Google could learn a few things about beautiful iOS design from Microsoft.  You can almost read the mail screen with your eyes closed!  The fonts are big and beautiful.

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Which is Better: Poop Transplants or Dog Snouts Up Your Butt?

I had barely recovered from my — Doggy Doo and Puppy Pee On Your Doorstep — article when I happened to step into a couple of sort-of related health articles dealing with dog snouts up your bum and fecal transplants.

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