Writing a Sixty Second Play

One task I give my amateur Playwriting students is to have them write a 60-second play in Two Acts using the Three Act structure.  That means you have around 30 seconds to set up the plot conflict points, 20 seconds to explode the conflict and 10 seconds to bring around a catharsis and denouement. 

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United We Write and Direct

Here are some of the founding ideas of UnitedStage.com from 14 years ago that led us to expand the portal today:

For over 25 years, The United Stage has served as a worldwide consortium for over 25,000 international Theatre professionals and amateurs who vehemently believe Playwrights must direct the original production of their plays in order for their vision to be wholly realized on stage.  There are no dues or membership fees to join.  No one makes any money off this site or off the idea or implementation of this entity.  We ask only for your support as Citizens of what we consider to be the paramount Playwright’s Project in the world.  United We Write & Direct.  Divided We Write.

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Do eBook Authors Need Agents and Publishers?

Yesterday, SuperAgent Matt Wagner Tweeted a link to Peter Osnos’ take on eBooks.  Is SuperAgent Wagner oddly tooting his own funeral dirge?  Or is Matt Wagner sensing an opportunity on the horizon the rest of us are unable to envision?

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