Leatherman 830012 Charge XTI Review

I love my new Leatherman 830012 Charge XTILeatherman 830012 Charge XTI.

 I am the proud owner of an original, basic, Leatherman that has served me well since 1998. 

In that GO INSIDE Magazine article you can read a really, really, stupid story about how I spewed blood on my bedspread trying to doctor a brand-new Nike shoe with my new Leatherman.

That Leatherman also served as a drywall cutter for the Fire Department when we had a fire inside our apartment wall.

Plumbers were doing work trying to unfreeze a frozen pipe in the basement and they were using super-heated hot air to warm the building pipes.

Hot air spread into the walls of the apartment building and fire alarms were set off as things that weren’t supposed to smoke started smoking.
When the three fire trucks arrived, one Fireman “looked” into our wall with a heat imaging camera and saw something he didn’t like. 

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