Framing Four Corners Writing Opportunity

What frames the Four Corners of your world? Show us. Use a few words, four images and some connective tissue to weave your corners for us. Use digital images. Draw your corners by hand. Create a collage and digitize it for web publication. Invent a whole new way to share your sight with us.

The Opportunity: Here are the details of the “Framing Four Corners” writing opportunity for publication: Find four interesting corners of your world no one else but you knows are alive with life — but that you know need to be known. Your Four Corners should, in some way, provide a frame for your core. You don’t have to use a lot of words — but you can if you wish! Show us how those corners are related to you, and how they support each other in space, time and consequence. Here’s a sort-of-example of what an article might look like based on my Monarch of the Plains article.

There are only three image “corners” framed in that article so I would need to add a another image to create my fourth corner — but that article should at least give you an idea of what this opportunity might look like in print. You do not have to write that much text if you prefer to let your images speak for you.

Technical Details: You may write more than one “Four Corners” article. There is no final deadline for submission. Images should be high quality but no wider than 500 pixels. We will help format your images for publication if you do not have experience preparing images for web publication. Discuss the image right before the image appears in your article. That keeps the “flow” of the article always moving “down the page” and not stuttering backward over what has already been read. You must be the owner or the creator of your images and you must write your own text and all your work must be previously unpublished.

Next Step:  If you are interested in moving forward with a contribution — we now have a “Four Corners” category! — please get in touch to pitch your idea(s) and to tell us when when you will submit your work for publication. You may use our Contact form to make initial contact if you haven’t previously exchanged private email with us. We look forward to hearing from you and you can start the publication process right now by posting a comment and telling us your ideas if you would like some support and feedback!