Four Corners Revisited: My People

I am cheating a little and using the Four Corners concept to quickly introduce to you people and ideas so that future articles on Portugal make a lot more sense.

Introducing Mr P — who does not really wish to be on the internet at all. Ironically, I met Mr P online playing a rather silly game called Tribal Wars. Mr P was born in Morocco of French parents and has been living in Portugal for most of his life. He has a degree in Biology from Pau University. He speaks French, Portuguese and English extremely well and has knowledge of Spanish, Italian and German as well. He has a strong sense of history and of culture. The mix of our cultures and our language brings a lot of humour to our lives. We love to travel — not just in the broadest sense — but in the everyday sense of exploration; not only of ourselves and our lives but in the beauty found all around us. We have adventures everywhere! This picture was taken at our handfasting where we took our vows in front of friends and family.

Next up is K — my eldest daughter who has almost finished her nursery school assistant’s training in a record time of just under 8 months — one more stage to go and she qualifies. She has a little boy who I will refer to as B — he will be four years old. K is the earth mother, the one who takes after me most, she grows and cooks her own food, crafts and does endless art and handicraft projects with my beloved B.

Next is H my surviving son – shown here at his wedding last year with his wife and my second grandhild M who is also a real cutie.

Last, but not least my youngest C , my “baby” who is now all grown up, married and who received her Doctorate in BioChemistry from Bath University last year.

These are the people who keep me sane, give sense and direction to my life and above all love me dearly just like I love them.