The Motorcycle as a Two-Wheeled Moving Art Exhibition

Since the day that I read the article The Mechanist on Not Being an Artist, I have often thought back to it, particularly when I am walking to my office and I pass what I consider to be the most elegant yet dangerous mode of street transportation — the motorcycle. I have given it much thought because every time I see a well designed and built motorcycle, my first thought is that I am lucky to have come across it and that it is as if I have entered a museum — only that I am clearly the sole visitor to the museum, and there is no admission fee.

Recently, I came across a motorcycle that was so lovely that I had to take a picture of it with my phone to share with you. Here it is in all of its glory.

The first thing that I would like for you to observe as you look at this magnificent work of art is the way that the artist chose to use purple on the vehicle. The wheel cover is one shade of purple, the front plate is a darker shade, while the windshield has a light purple that fades as it dances upward.

Consider the inner, more functioning pieces of the motorcycle. Bear in mind that when a motorcycle is being designed by its artist, they must consider not only how beautiful it will look on the road but make it so that it is well-balanced and sufficiently streamlined — a good-looking motorcycle that easily tips over on one side while riding or consumes too much gas due to fighting against the wind constantly is not the kind of motorcycle you want to put in a showroom! The parts of a motorcycle that make it go must also be designed in such a way that they are accessible without too much hassle to a mechanic — if the mechanic needs to dismantle the entire body to replace a part, the cost of repair would be prohibitive!

Next let us admire the form of the seat and cargo area. To me I see one long form that flows outward toward the back of the motorcycle. The vegan in me hopes that the materials used for the seat and luggage are constructed and not animal derived, but I have to say that I appreciate the sleek look of it all.

You may be interested to know that despite the fact that I admire and examine many motorcycles as I pass them on the street, I would not actually drive nor ride on one — I am quite fearful of having my easily breakable body that close to the road with no protective shell around me, going seventy miles an hour on the Interstate. The idea does fascinate me, but I have seen too many motorcycle wrecks to dare climb aboard. What I can and do, however, is admire their aesthetic — taking photographs of two-wheeled works of art is a joy!