The Motorcycle as a Two-Wheeled Moving Art Exhibition

Since the day that I read the article The Mechanist on Not Being an Artist, I have often thought back to it, particularly when I am walking to my office and I pass what I consider to be the most elegant yet dangerous mode of street transportation — the motorcycle. I have given it much thought because every time I see a well designed and built motorcycle, my first thought is that I am lucky to have come across it and that it is as if I have entered a museum — only that I am clearly the sole visitor to the museum, and there is no admission fee.

Recently, I came across a motorcycle that was so lovely that I had to take a picture of it with my phone to share with you. Here it is in all of its glory.

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Artist Conversion

The job of any True Artist is one of conversion.  The Artist takes a notion and transforms it into something else, something greater, than what it was before.  That conversion also plays a direct role in the real life of the True Artist, too.

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Chasing Down Time: Ten Sentence Story #115

Thomas had a colossal problem, which was that he had no idea why he was always running out of time to do all of the important things that he wanted to do in life.

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The Risk of the Misunderstood

Being misunderstood as an artist is a dangerous state to tempt because it means you are beyond common thinking and you are, and forever shall be, on your own.

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Dying to Live the Carceral Artist Life

J. D. Salinger, John Hughes, Greta Garbo, and Thomas Pynchon. Writer, director, actress, and another writer — but what do they have in common? Simply put, they all are, or were, seekers of intensive privacy even though they live(d) public lives. They all sought to create Art and then chose to retreat back into their own private world to enjoy their lives without the intrusion of cameras or interviewers.

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The Other Mozart Syndrome

There are actually two “Mozart Syndromes.”  This first one is rather precious and new and deals with washing the sounds of Mozart’s melodies over the ears of babies and young children to help them think more clearly.  The second “Mozart Syndrome” is more ancient, more insidious and much more dangerous by many magnitudes.

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The Role of the Artist in Society

What is the role of the Artist in society?

Many of my Arts and Literature friends are out on the street in these hard economic times and I am curious if you think the Arts are even necessary today.  Are our times too dire for the Artist mentality and only hard work and labor matters?

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