J. D. Salinger, John Hughes, Greta Garbo, and Thomas Pynchon. Writer, director, actress, and another writer — but what do they have in common? Simply put, they all are, or were, seekers of intensive privacy even though they live(d) public lives. They all sought to create Art and then chose to retreat back into their own private world to enjoy their lives without the intrusion of cameras or interviewers.

Where are the modern-day J. D. Salingers who imprison themselves within the carceral of the mind and are perfectly happy with the result?  They are happy living alone and without any lonesome publicity from a craven citizenry.

In an age of people like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag — who came from absolutely nothing talented — and just became famous for being in a string of “reality” television shows that were all about as real as the average film about alien invasion.  The brief glimpses of clips I have seen of the shows involving them have been as far from any reality I have known as possible — where are the struggles with life, or the feelings of genuine emotion to be found? Certainly not on those false television programs.

Today, the average artist does not shun the paparazzi — indeed, some seek to be found by the tireless camera wielding thugs, explaining the rise and explosion of “reality” television programs such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or, even worse, “The Girls Next Door.”

I long for the days — though they seem not to be coming back any time soon — of celebrities who scheduled interviews with magazines in exchange for having their privacy respected.  Instead, we will contend with more and more talentless celebrities and celebrities that want nothing more than for you to have access to every second of every day of their life — whether you are interested or not.


  1. These are interesting questions. It seems those who want privacy are mocked for being hermits and reclusives while those who crave the spotlight are celebrated. I suppose it all comes down to money. You can’t sell newspapers and website access and make money off a celebrity who doesn’t want to be found — and so you demonize them and make them strange in public as their private punishment.

  2. Quite right, David. The vultures are having their meat stolen — so mock the supplier! 🙂

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