Wooden Yoke Treasures from Portugal via Pau

As well as my beautiful fountain, I accumulated some more treasures from Pau which I promised to share.  These are both made of wood, a material I have a great affinity for in all its states. I love trees and what they are crafted into. I love having pieces of history around me and our new house allows me to do just that.

Once again, these are huge, heavy, pieces of wood that were once fully functional equipment in rural Portugal.

In its previous life, this piece was a yoke for oxen who were attached to it and then were used to push – as opposed to pull other equipment around.

In its new life it is a very stunning coat rack in our entrance hall.

There is an excellent vintage photo-stream on flickr showing similar yokes in use at the fishing village of Nazare.

The second piece is a similar yoke, but far more ornate and decorative with some very intricate carvings.

This one has been left without any additions and sits directly opposite on the other side of the hall.

I find myself tracing the patterns on this one as I go past it — it is a very tactile piece of history.


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