As we wind up into 2014 — and by “winding up” I mean a tightening of the dramatic coil, not an unwinding of tension — it’s time to contemplate where we go from here as a community of intersecting minds.

My first thought is that since 2014 is the Chinese — “Year of the Green Wood Horse” — and in every way that tells me, as a Wood Dragon, that this year is going to rock in predictable and amazing ways.

My first hope for the union is that since there’s a longer term budget deal in Washington, much of the vitriol and hatred spewed by the politicos in Washington, D.C. will die down a bit.  I realize the cruelty will never really go away, but lowering the temperature just a little bit will help us all get along just a little bit better.

The world of technology in 2013 felt odd and strained.  There wasn’t really a “must have” app or piece of hardware to set the world afire.  2013 was a year of treading water and stasis, but if 2014 turns out to be the year of a usable, and wearable, technology like Google Glass or an Apple iWatch, then we might just take the next step into the lives we are destined to have.

Social Media is on the rise, but the waters seem to be mild and muddied.  There doesn’t appear to be the same ferocity of participation on Twitter and Facebook that I remember when those memes first started.  Are we getting “update fatigued?”  Perhaps people are just getting used to the technology, and those services are now ubiquitous enough to be expected and not exceptional.  Will there be a Next Big Thing in Social Media this year or Are We Done Now?

As we press forward writing into 2014, we will continue to cover the Web of the World by recording the truth here on Boles Blogs; and please get in touch to let us know what you’re thinking, and if you have an idea for an article, or if you’d like to write with us!  We like how the hive mindset propagates!

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Let us know what’s winding your mind!


  1. Happy New Year ! I love the dancing horse image – it has a vibrancy that I hope will signify 2014.

    I can see from your twitter feed that you have rather a deluge of snow – keep safe !

    1. Yes, the horse is going to make for a delightful year!

      There was snow here, but it wasn’t that horrible if you were were raised on the hard stuff in the Midwest, but it was enough of the white stuff to considerably slow down things here in the morning.

      1. Hope Janna is OK after her fall ……..

        I was reading of 23 inches in some places – the UK has water and you have the snow .

        1. Central Park had 5 inches. Long Island was 8. We had about 6. It was a sandy snow, mean, and icy. It wasn’t wet, or heavy, so it tended to move around a lot after being shoveled. Salt had no effect, so they had to add real sand to the mix to try to tighten it up.

          It’s supposed to rain on Sunday, so that should wash it all away.

          She said she’s okay. Wrong boots, I guess. They were too slippery and didn’t dig into the snow.

  2. Wrong kind of snow ……… that type of snow is difficult to deal with as it gets blown around so easily – it is amazing to watch but not nearly so nice to travel in. Hope the rain does its job.

    1. Right! It snowed in pellets. No “flakes” at all. It is terrifically windy today, too, so you’re right that the snow does not stay put!

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