María L. Trigos-Gilbert moved to Monroe, Louisiana from Caracas, Venezuela three and a half years ago. María is a student, a worker and a wife.

María studies at Northeast Louisiana University; her specialty is foreign languages. She is also a graduate of CVA — Venezuelan American Center — in Caracas, Venezuela. Her life has been full of writing, painting, and now she is also creating pottery and playing classical guitar.

Some of María’s paintings can be seen on display in Venezuela, Spain, and the USA. She has previously published some of her writing in an online e-zine called The Writers’ Pen.

María works as a tutor and translator in the following languages: English, Spanish, and French. She also works with Jon Camp (Computer Science professor at NLU, writer of poetry and free verse — and he is also an artist of ceramics).

This is María L. Trigos-Gilbert.

María’s favorite, but painful, expression is the following: “La práctica hace al maestro,” which, when translated into English, means: Practice makes the master.

María is very proud of her family, and gives eternal thanks to her parents, husband, sister, and brother.