Nancy McDaniel writes the beautiful and passionate World Traveler series for Go Inside Magazine. Ms. McDaniel is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she majored in sociology, but has always loved to write: letters to the editors, poetry, and always a journal of her travels.

After a 28 year career in consumer research and strategic planning with a large multinational advertising agency (Leo Burnett), Nancy took early-early retirement (she wants you to know that she’s not really old enough to retire) at the end of 1997.

Her plan was to work for a couple of years somewhere in the African Bush, her passion, and where she thinks her soul lives. Plans change; she’s still in Chicago, a city she dearly loves.

Nancy has started a contemporary African art business (called Dumela) with a friend who also loves Africa. She also does volunteer work at the Lincoln Park Zoo and volunteer theatre ushering. She goes to a lot of Chicago theater. And she writes.

An inveterate traveler, she has gone on eight Earthwatch projects, in Australia, Alaska and various parts of Africa (it would seem she specializes in traveling to “A” places) as a volunteer on scientific research projects. In total, she has made ten or eleven trips to Africa over the past 11 years, with more to come.