Many are concerned only with their happiness.

I counter happiness is overrated because the world is a miserable place where happiness finds no purchase.

I love the misery of living because that is what marks us as human. I also find the best and most interesting work comes out of misery and not happiness.

The next time you are feeling unhappy — do something proactive — create a monument to your state of mind and celebrate the fact that you were able to accomplish something of merit even though you were not happy.


  1. If you consider art to be the catalyst of emotion, and most art is created of sadness, how does art bring our society such joy? I never feel so at peace as when I stand in front of a meticulously crafter piece of despair.

  2. It’s the unchained pursuit of happiness, not the decent pursuit of happiness that has pervaded many these days. To me, just as you suggested, a job well done IS happiness.
    Complaining and no effort accomplishes just that.

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