You can translate your blog into many languages using AltaVista’s cool Babel Fish service.
In a recent comment from one of my readers, he said he translated part of my post into Spanish so more people could understand what I wrote.
His translation kindness made me wonder if there is a more seamless and automatic way a non-English speaking reader could more easily read this blog.
I believe one answer is the free Babel Fish translator you see here now in the Urban Semiotic gutter.
Some of the European translations do not work when you click on the flag to start the translation process but, interesting enough, all of the Asian language translations fire up rather quickly.
Give Babel Fish a try on your site and let me know how it works for you!


  1. Hey Chris —
    The Free Translation site looks really good!
    I wish they had an image like Babel Fish I could add to this site that would let readers pick a translation and have it immediately happen. As far as I can see on the Free Translation site you need to directly interact with their site.
    I prefer Babel Fish’s more transparent interaction.

  2. It’s scary stuff kids (& adults) are playing around with. Thank you for sharing about the Dust-off stuff. My 16 year old son died in December from playing a “breath game” that many kids are also doing – from repeated hymlicks to choking themselves to pass out and come to and have a “high”. Our son accidentally hung himself playing this game. It’s been quite tragic and very hard time for our family. Just another warning of yet, another type of death game. Loni

  3. Global —
    I don’t use a banner creator. I make my own banners in Photoshop CS2.
    If you go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo! and do a search on “free banner creator” — and use the quotation marks — you should find some success.
    Good luck!

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