Nothing ruins your life faster than losing all your data in a theft or a hard drive failure.
Connected DataProtector is the answer for safely and reliably protecting your vital information, hard work and memories. Connected is now a subsidiary of Iron Mountain Incorporated.
However, the Connected service is only for hardcore, serious, backup. If you’re playing around or if you don’t have mission critical data on your local machine then you don’t need a Connected account that provides 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). No other online backup service on the market offers that kind of secure encryption. Here are the service highlights from their website:

    * Automated, hands-off backup (no need to remember to back up!)
    * Simple, fast data recovery
    * Online file retrieval from any Internet connection
    * Migration of all data to a new computer with just a few simple steps
    * Efficient data backup, even over dial-up connections
    * Complete security, using government-level encryption during transmission and in storage
    * Mirrored storage at multiple sites, to insure against physical disaster
    * 99.99% uptime, assuring access to your data whenever you need it

If you have images or documents or data files that can never be replaced, you need to protect them with Connected. If you are a one person shop or a small business or a freelancer or an attorney… you need to have a Connected account to preserve your vital interests.
I have no vested interest in Connected except that Connected saved me several times over the last year since I opened my account. I shudder to imagine the economic consequences if I didn’t have my data backed up on the Connected server so I could retrieve it later. The great thing about Connected is that it runs with you. Connected works in the background while you work in the foreground.
Connected provides a small program you install that runs automatically in the background on your PC while you work and then uploads encrypted copies of your files to their encrypted server for access later if you have a fatal loss of local information.
Retrieval is easy.
No one on their side of the server can decrypt your files. Only you have the ability to retrieve and decrypt your saved files. You can also manually backup your files to the Connected server if you don’t want the backups to happen without your direct interaction.
Connected isn’t cheap. You will pay around $15 a month for two gigabytes of backup storage space but what is the cost of losing all your stuff culled over the past fifteen years?
Bite the byte and buy some data insurance by setting up a Connected account now because peace of mind doesn’t have a price.

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