Has anyone ever applied for, and then received, a job by posting on any of the online job services like Monster or Hot Jobs?
I have several friends who are deeply into using those and other online job services but, so far, none of the services have led to a job, let alone even an interview.
I wonder if the online job services are just advertising sites that don’t really offer the end user anything other than leads to false hope?


  1. I’ve used these online services and have actually had some very good experiences. I’ve had several interviews and actually got a retail management job from a listing on Hot Jobs.

  2. Hi Salena!
    Hey, that’s good news! I’m glad these things work.
    I wonder if certain jobs find more success than others?
    I also wonder if where you are located has any bearing in the successful hits you get?
    Most of the people I know who come up zingo are in the New York City and Los Angeles area.

  3. I agree with you Boles. I have never even had a reply from Monster (the only one I ever tried to use) Grant it my profession is not in retail, middle managment, or buisness, but not even a reply. I took it to the pavement to land my job. *(Tried Monster in both Orlando, FL and Raleigh, NC)

  4. M.!
    Your experience reflects mine. I tried both services when they started and never received any sort of interest and gave up. Others I know keep trying…
    It may be just as you suspect… those in our field prefer to shake a hand than hire through the ether.
    Most of those I know in positions of power in our field with the muscle to hire don’t use computers much because they don’t know how. 🙂

  5. I got an full-time editing job through Hot Jobs a few years ago. My husband, whose resume is posted on Monster, is routinely contacted by headhunters, though 99% of the time, they’re only offering contract work.

  6. Thanks!
    I quit my editing job when I left the NYC area; it was with Videography, a trade magazine for “content creation professionals” (you know the guys on the publishing side came up with that one…).
    My husband works as an engineer architect — something I’m still trying to decipher — but can tell you it’s in IT.
    You have a great site; I especially appreciate the Blog Explosion entries.

  7. Hey, thanks for the super support, Editrix! Your kind words mean a lot.
    I am fascinated by this online jobs thang and who gets work and who doesn’t. It looks like from what I’m seeing so far the the tech companies or the companies with an IT bent are more apt to get in touch and hire you while the more conventional paper and pen jobs are more scarce.

  8. Hi
    Perhaps the success depends on where you are. Being from SC and not really planning or able to relocate at this point, I haven’t had much luck at all finding a job through the online job sites. I’ve also tried getting freelance work through online sites but haven’t succeeded there either.
    I enjoy reading your blog by the way!

  9. Hi Carla!
    Now that’s interesting! Your experience matches what I’m talking about here.
    I am so glad to hear others in this thread were able to find success online getting jobs out of these services.
    Thanks for the cool comments on my blog. Yours is a great read!

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  11. I used Monster and CareerBuilder.com (monster premium no less) and only received calls from a financing firm. Heck I still get them and I’ve even told them to stop! The way I got my job was in the paper. I know it’s hard and depressing but it worked. I suggest using monster and such sites to search but don’t rely on them. Try papers, friends, professional magazines, and company websites. Good luck with your search and if you like you can read about my last job search (from June 2004 till January 2005) on my site.

  12. Since all of these services sell “advanced” levels of service, you can bet you’re unlikely to get anything productive from them unless you buy into them.
    I’ve had my resume listed for several months on all of them, nothing but “spamish” offers from shady overseas companies. Fortunately I am a veteran, and have other options available that don’t require I pay extortion to the “major” services.

  13. Hi –
    Interesting blog and good question!
    I had design samples requested from a job I found on Monster but nothing further than that. I ended up getting a job listed on craigslist. I know a lot of people who have had better luck with that site but mostly in big cities like LA and NY.

  14. I scoured the major job boards for two years before I finally gave up. I found a job via The Employment Guide (www.employmentguide.com), where I’ve been working for the past 2.5 years.
    Although I’m seeing more and more jobs posted on Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs, I’m skeptical that these positions really exist. If they do, chances are your resume is lost among 500+ resumes.
    Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to land a decent job with a good company unless you have contacts within those organizations. As an HR generalist whose main responsibility is hiring, I have this piece of advice. Do some research on the company that posted the job. Then make a point of calling and/or showing up to fill out an application. You’re right, David, in that employers would much rather talk to you than read your resume via the Internet.

  15. Gee, Blogging is great! I wake up this morning and find all these fantastic comments waiting for me! It’s like another birthday party!
    Justice — I’m sorry about your legal problems but good people need to stand up for the right thing. I admire your grit.
    Robert — Thanks for the link to your job search! Your experience suggests what inspired me to create this entry. 🙂
    Jonathan — I didn’t know there were premium editions of these job services! That tells a lot about the need to “buy in” as you suggest.
    Stephanie — Thanks for the compliment on this blog! Hey, craigslist is an interesting alternative. Do you have to pay to look around there? Is there a “premium” version or are all job seekers equal?
    Deborah — Hasn’t it always been that way? 🙂 The really good jobs are kept for friends and people you know while the jobs no one really wants get listed in public for the rest of us? I know it’s that way in academia. By law, universities have to publicly “advertise” an open faculty position, but 99.9% of the time the university already knows the person they want for the job and the rest is all for show. Unfortunately, applicants are forced to play along with that system because you can’t even get a foot in the part-time teaching door… unless they know you a bit first. 🙂

  16. Yes, it has. 😉 The one time I paid for a “membership” to a job board cost me a lot of money and anguish. I will never do that again. To answer your question about Craigslist, the answer is no. You don’t have to pay to browse. The only time you have to pay is if you want to post a job listing.

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    David W. Boles Says:
    Justice — I’m sorry about your legal problems but good people need to stand up for the right thing. I admire your grit.

  18. Actually my someday to be sister-in-law (and best friend) works for Monster. On top of that I actually found my boyfriend’s dream job of Violin Luthier on Monster.com ages ago. He stayed with it for a 1 1/2 and got a lot out of it but actually went on to find even better work. So yeah I guess it does work.

  19. He’s a talented guy. When I met him though he didn’t have ajob for 8 months and I thought we were screwed. Things turned out well.

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