Here’s a great article by jayajha for those wondering about the comparison between Blogger and


  1. I especially hope homebrew templates will be allowed for uploading here, but I’m not hopeful about that since they may not work right out of the box.

  2. As long as I could customize a couple of things, I’d be fine. I’d like to be able to change the sidebar titles and add new sidebar sections. I don’t see a way to do that right now.
    Hmm…. I’m seeing a new post idea forming – what I’d like to see added to blogs.
    Also, have you heard when it will go live? I haven’t seen anything anywhere, although I haven’t been looking either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think right now you’re stuck with adding new pages for sidebar sections.
    I like your idea of starting a new post, but title it something like: “How Can I Do This in WordPress?” and you’ll get more visitors from the Dashboard when they come to help you instead of maybe reading you when they have time. :mrgreen:
    I don’t think it will go live soon. This wider beta just opened up. I think we’ll see two or three more waves of beta invites as more people come in here and bang around. They need to stress test it a lot more and they can’t do that until the feature sets are frozen and we keep seeing daily feature improvements so I’m in no hurry for them to freeze the code yet! Weโ€™re here very early. Enjoy the isolation while it lasts.

  4. Ha!
    I wonder if there are even 500 people here yet.
    When you watch the new posts in the Dashboard they are few and far between during the day…
    Now is the time to try to grab good usernames for blog URLs before they’re all gobbled up by the masses!

  5. Good idea! Although I think I’d really be set with just the one blog… not much else I’d want to talk about except my writing and myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Although, it would be cool to have some sort of writer’s blog where people post their work and leave critiques in the comments area. But it’s hard to get people to participate in that sort of stuff.

  7. It can be hard to get participation that way.
    Sometimes it’s best to entirely just turn off comments and post what you want to post and not worry about pleasing other people.

  8. Well, I wasn’t just talking about me… I meant some sort of writer’s forum. So far I don’t really get critiques on my work in comments. I get compliments on my writing, but nothing about what works/what doesn’t.
    But that doesn’t really bother me here. This stuff is just an outlet. It will probably work itself into my fiction one day, but right now, I’m just putting it out there and keeping the really good stuff to myself until I want someone who actually knows what he/she is talking about can read it and give feedback.

  9. You two are talking about stuff I don’t know anything about… ๐Ÿ˜
    What’s a “lemon drop” and why are they popular and what is an “apple martini” and why are they popular?

  10. Actually I tried a new kind of martini drink that was so yummy the other night but Raspberry Cosmo made the right way is the BEST.

  11. I think a lemon drop is a shot where you lick your wrist, put sugar on it. Then you down a shot of straight Absolut Citron, lick the sugar off your wrist and then suck on a lemon wedge. I’ve done that one before, but I can’t remember if “lemon drop” was the name.
    Apple martinis just use an apple flavored sweetener with the vodka. Although what’s really good is a caramel apple martini – where they drizzle caramel in the glass before pouring in the apple martini drink. Numnumnumnum….

  12. Muse – As I understand it, is operated by the dudes who actually created and code the WordPress software over at while blogsome is a hosting service that allows you to use WordPress compatible theme templates in their blog hosting.
    Carla — Hmm. That isn’t what I thought a “lemon drop” was… interesting!

  13. Thanks for that explaination David.
    Back in the day I loved doing shots. I loved Electric Kamakazi Shots…it was like a tradition with my friends.
    My dad order 2 Slippery Nipples shots for us one time…that was weird. Also they taste like butterscotch which is not my favorite.
    Oh and I saw this thing at a club called the Bl*w Job Shot…now that was an interesting site.

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