Luis Vega is originally from New York where he grew up on Long Island and attended undergraduate studies at SUNY College @ Old Westbury where he majored in American Studies and graduated Magna-Cum Laude in December of 2004.

He first found out about Go Inside Magazine when looking for internships on the internet and he became a Virtual Intern. Right now Mr. Vega is applying for graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston College, Brown University, and Northeastern University to major in either History or Political Science.

As you can probably tell all the schools are in the the New England area; this is because he has recently moved to Massachusetts with his soon-to-be wife about a month ago. They are looking to buy a home and start a family soon in the New England area.

He is very passionate about Latin American Studies because his mother is Puerto Rican, and his father is Panamanian. He just came back from a three month tour of some countries in Latin America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. His hobbies include writing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountain biking.

Luis Vega aspires to be a professor or an author.