“I believe in you.”


  1. Simple and beautiful, dave. You could use that in a lot of situations, i guess.

  2. Hello clem!
    It’s great to hear from you again.
    Yes, I have discovered that phrase can work magic in many situations: Students, friends and significant others all respond well to those four words — but only if you mean it.
    Falsity in purpose or disingenuousness in spirit spent on the magic phrase can be seen through faster than a windowpane of cellophane.
    That phrase has its best effect on students because so many of them are shocked to learn someone believes in them. I have been surprised several times when I’ve tried to pep up a down student with that phrase to only have them respond with “Really?”
    It’s as if they had no clue someone outside their realm of being could relate to, and find magic in, their the promise of their talent and hard work.

  3. Oh boy. Those words are unbelievably important in my relationship.
    Of course I’ve had crappy boyfriends who didn’t believe in me or never cared to express it. Same story, no big deal.
    My bf although was never believed in during his 10 year marriage and I can’t believe it didn’t kill him being that he’s an artist. He just kept believing in himself and found a way out. He says almost everyday how glad he is to have someone that believes in him as much as I do and it’s easy. Before he met me his wife wouldn’t let him work (he ended up being a stay at home dad for 3 years) and now he’s building and fixing violins and doing art and music…his dreams. It’s just beautiful and I’m glad to be a part of it.

  4. You have said it beautifully, Robin, and I thank you for sharing your intimate story.
    You are both lucky to have found each other and it is refreshing how much you both so deeply appreciate the gifts you each bring to the relationship.

  5. It’s funny how things happen I think. We both have always been really good people in relationships. We’ve always tried our hardest and appreciated the other person even if it wasn’t returned. We both are so glad we have found someone that appreciates us and you don’t know how important it is until you actually have it.
    We also take turns supporting each other when we need it. Right now he’s finding his niche and I’m doing most of the financial supporting. When he gets settled I hope to finally try to branch out into whatever will make me happy…I just need to figure out what that is 😕

  6. I am so tempted to make a joke about “is that a ram in your pants or are you just happy to comment here…” but I can’t do it because you’re being sweet and serious. Rats! :mrgreen:

  7. Okay, not to rain on the parade here, but how does a guy get 21 comments (now 22) for writing that? It’s really not that clever or inspirational…
    [no particular criticism of the post, just astonishment at the response…]

  8. <shrug>
    I still contend that the four words in the English language people want to hear the most are “Oh God you’re good”.

  9. Hey, you guys are bringing me into this and I’m just back here trying to be a good girl. I believe it was JEFF that was feeling slighted by fruey, not m-dave. Now you people are going to have to play nice. I believe in you all and I know you can do it. Man, when a comment thread goes bad here it really goes baaaaad.

  10. By the way, David (Boles), thank you for believing IN me. But I like fruey’s little Francais about ‘trusting’ in as well. Slight difference in the meanings. I want people to be able to “trust” me.

  11. The full moon doesn’t happen until the 17th. I try to keep tabs on this as the moon is my muse. I will pipe down now.

  12. Ash Sere : I think it helps to have “semiotic” in your domain and blog name.
    Ron : depends on if you think they believe in you when they say it, no?
    David : This thread helps us see what you meant when you were worried about the loss of the green smileyman.

  13. This is in reply to comment #22.
    Now, I’m not exactly a regular here in this blog, only checking in periodically and leaving comments occasionally. Even so, I have noticed that this blog stands out from the others in the sense that Dave replies to every comment.
    This attentiveness to us readers rarely happens in blogs, and I feel that this sort of creates a bond between writer and reader, where the reader feels that here is one blog I read where the writer cares enough to respond to my comments, however short they are. Well, one of mine was.
    So I guess with that, we share our thoughts and views on nearly every post regardless on what it is about because we know that David will be reading it and that he appreciates it because he takes the time to respond to it.
    And that is why a four-word post can span that many comments while some blogs don’t even have one in a more than a hundred words post. Notice that there are no posts visible without comments (not sure about the earlier ones though). 😉

  14. Hi David,
    I used to think that it wasn’t necessary for the author to reply to his readers before I started blogging. Then, the comments in the blogs I read were only those by the reader, never the author.
    Then when I started my blog, the variety of blogs I read increased and I came across a few blogs where the author would respond to some comments. Yours is still the only one I’ve seen so far responding to every comment. 🙂
    So my perception of blogs has changed. Now I see blogging as a sort of forum, in the case that the blog owner has total control over what is posted, while in forums, everyone can start a discussion.
    Haha! I think if Ash Sere came back, he/she’ll be even more astonished to find the number of comments doubled since his last visit. 😛

  15. Hello Ambiguous!
    We are on the same blogging page!
    I think blogs can be just like forums — but without the ability for commenters to begin new threads — and this blog would be much more forum-like if I let all comments find immediate publication but I would not be able to reply to each person and there would be LOTS of hate comments and extraordinary pettiness and tons of Spam that would all snivel through so I prefer to moderate and to try to connect with each person as best I can because that way the comments become an integral part of the original post. 🙂
    I don’t think Ashe Sere will be back for more because returning to this thread in particular defeats the intention of comment #22 to put a kibosh on the discussion! :mrgreen:

  16. Ashe Sere also probably doesn’t realize that a sort of community has developed here, kind of like buddies in a chat room, but more intelligent… well, sometimes more intelligent! 😀

  17. Yes, that’s an excellent point, Carla. I get a lot of comments on old posts from people who are behind our community curve — they don’t understand my POV or the purpose of this blog. If they read around just a little — three articles and comments are enough — they’d be much better able to get a comment published. 🙂

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