If you are reading this then WordPress is correctly “auto-publishing” this post without me as I am currently sailing high above you in the air on my way to Sacramento, California to meet with the delightful Jeff Tanji, M.D. and his fine Sports Medicine staff.

Sacramento, California Sunset

If you are not reading this, then I am still in the air but the post did not make it out of WordPress.


  1. Through the wonder of the internet I know that your flight is ahead of schedule by about 13 minutes, I will be headed for the airport in less than an hour to pick you and Janna up.

  2. Hi hterry! – Thanks for the great note and I’m with you on these wacky plugins. When they work, they work great. When they sorta work you’re really messed up! Akistmet, so far, has worked really well for me. There’s a newer version if you decide you want to try it again sometime… 😀
    Hey Robin! — Good luck on the hangover. Those can really rock you. I hope your therapy session goes well! Things here are going really well. Sacramento was fogged in this morning and an hour later it had all burned off – that was amazing to watch. The Kings won big last night over the Nuggets so lots of positive things are popping along all over the place!

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