If you are a faculty member or a student you can get super cheap and 100% legitimate software from JourneyEd.com. I have purchased lots of software from Journey Ed and I am completely satisfied. Some excellent software is discounted up to 85% off the MSRP! You can get great software from Macromedia, Microsoft and Adobe and many others at an incredible savings. Your software will be sold under an Educational License so you can’t use it to upgrade for a cheaper price later if you are no longer affiliated with a university. Some software doesn’t require a school photo ID, though, so you might be able to swing some great values your way anyway!


  1. When I was a student a little bit ago for web design I got super cheap Macromedia which was great. I’ve used Dreamweaver a lot but Flash still makes my head hurt.

  2. I have a question about Dreamweaver. I do a site for a non-profit organization and I’m trying to get them to buy me Dreamweaver 8. I just sent them an email about getting it at the super cheaper price (since I’m a teacher). (Thanks 🙂 ) My question is, do I need to have a database all set up on the server to run sites made with Dreamweaver (I’m so new to all of this)? I could do it, upgrade to MySQL Database… wait it’s only $5.00 extra per month. No problem. They will probably add it for free. Non-profits are great. My question still remains though… Is MySQL necessary?

  3. Hi suzanne —
    I use Dreamweaver to code all nine of sites and only one of them — this Urban Semiotic blog — runs My SQL. So, no, Dreamweaver does not require MySQL unless, of course your site demands it, but I still upload and edit files for this blog in Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver has no clue — and doesn’t care — that this blog runs on MySQL.

  4. Cool! Guess what!!?? Because of your information, I have just been approved to buy the Dreamweaver software at that price!!! Yippee! The treasurer has been informed now so I’ll just sit tight and wait for my check (heck maybe I’ll just buy it first and then get the check!) Oh I am excited about exploring that dreamweaver software! I’ve wanted it for a really loooong time! Thank you for the link David!!!

  5. Congrats, suzanne!
    You will enjoy Dreamweaver a lot. I have been using it every day for several years now. Just remember not to have Dreamweaver active along with another FTP program because Dreamweaver will lock some files locally and on your server until you shut it down. Dreamweaver is incredibly sophisticated and extremely simple. It will move to meet your needs and abilities. Good luck! 🙂

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