Akismet is a Spam Plugin for WordPress and it is giving me great trouble the last two days. I have the problem using the 1.1 and 1.2 version of the Plugin.

All comments are being marked as Spam so regulars and newcomers alike are getting caught in a false Akismet Spam Trap! Please keep posting your fine comments and I will clear them for publication as soon as I can –¦
Yesterday and today I asked for help on the Akismet website and this morning I even posted a cry for help on the Akismet blog.

I will let you know if I hear any news of a resolution from them.
I have even gone as far as completely deleting Akismet from my server but still, somehow, Akismet remains active and snaring every single comment and the only way to see those comments is to re-upload Akismet and re-enable the Plugin and there the comments somehow sit marked as Spam.
I have searched my .htaccess file for Akismet phantoms but did not find any lingering settings or calls.
If you are a WordPress Guru — where and how is Akismet staying active on my blog and blocking all comments even when it is deactivated and completely deleted from my server?


  1. Thank you for answering, Neto! I love your Gravatar, BTW. Cool!
    I appreciate knowing Akismet is working for you. I have heard nothing back on the Akismet Blog or from the Akismet website contact. I don’t know who’s tending the house over there but nobody’s home!
    It’s interesting how we troubleshoot alike! I deactivated Akismet today and then ran upgrade.php to no effect. I didn’t, however, go as far as you suggest and deactivate ALL my Plugins and then do upgrade.php.
    So… I followed your advice and deactivated everything and “upgraded” and we’ll see what happens.
    The strange thing is how Akismet was catching all comments as Spam even though I had deleted it from my server. I’m not running any caches here at all. That is strange! If Akismet reports 3 Spam messages I can only see two — then I clear them and the third shows up. Does that happen on your end, too?

  2. Yes, it was caught, tajuki! Akismet was deactivated and deleted from the server. Then I saw your message and looked for your comment and it was not there. Then I uploaded Akismet again and your message was waiting there caught as Spam. This is a major problem!
    Still no word from Akismet support.

  3. You got caught again, tajuki, and Akismet was running. You are not a Spammer! I will actively watch all message posts today and I will continue to work on why Akismet keeps thinking it is active when it is completely deleted. I appreciate your help!

  4. I’ve actually had major spam problems lately but I guess it’s not such a big deal if they just go into moderation anyway. I just don’t get the whole spam thing.

  5. I’ve actually had major spam problems lately but I guess it’s not such a big deal if they just go into moderation anyway. I just don’t get the whole spam thing.

  6. Hey Robin!
    Yes, all comments are getting caught including trackbacks and it’s tiring. It sort of defeats everything keen about having regular commenters like you posting comments as you wish as often as you like without me while keeping out the Troubleseeking-First-Timers and the Spammers.
    I don’t get the whole Spam thing, either! There must be some kind of money in it, though, or we wouldn’t be getting so much of it.

  7. Well, Matt Mullenweg brushed me off and said it couldn’t possibly be an Akismet problem.
    I guess it doesn’t matter the only way I can actually view and clear your new comments is by having Akismet running.
    He suggested I reinstall all of WordPress and run without Akismet.
    I think I’ll just wait until WordPress 2.0 comes out and try to start everything from scratch then.
    I don’t have time to troubleshoot Akismet problems right now so I’ll have to live with the problem until the new version comes out and if that doesn’t work then I’ll have to find another blogging solution.

  8. Is there anyway to force Akismet off (like some sort of viroid program)? I have noticed that my “manual” spam queue (ie. the spam that is caught if any of the words in it match my “unwanted word list”) is able to override Akismet, so I might be able to get EVERY comment into my “manual” spam queue, so I can decide what is spam and what is not. Does that sound like a good idea?

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