Barracuda Spam Filtering from Tangent is now active on all 10 of my website domains. I now have full email Spam and Virus protection — server side, baby — and I will provide a fuller analysis of my Barracuda experience a bit later.
If you send me mail or an attachment and you don’t hear back from me rather quickly, post a note here. You might be getting caught in my hardened Spam and Virus tarpits– they are much more strict and robust than they were yesterday.
ZIP files are no longer accepted on any of my email accounts — Barracuda bounces them back to you because of the rash of virus infected ZIP files last week.
Always beware of what you open in your email! Never take candy from strangers and never open an email attachment from them, either: You never know who wants to take a slice out of your face.


  1. So far so good, Robin! Tangent Barracuda is much better than Email Defense from MXLogic and it has more customization than Brightmail for all end users. Barracuda already beats the pants on Spam Assassin that was included by default in my Plesk domain server setup.
    The real test will come in 48 hours when all the MX (Mail Exchange) records for all my domains are propagated in place. Then we’ll know if we’re good or if I have to go nuclear and stop all incoming SMTP traffic on my server from Port 25 and allow it only from the Barracuda service.

  2. Well, Clem, that depends on what you’re doing and how your email is being hosted. Do you plan to open your own website somewhere with a domain name you will register on your own?

  3. Right now I have private email but not website. So if you don’t have your own website you don’t need this at all then?

  4. You probably don’t need this severe step, then, Clem. If you had a domain of your own you were operating as a webmaster with an email address associated with that domain you might find great use out of this Barracuda Spam and Virus protection. You don’t have to maintain your own server to benefit — if you are on a shared server you can always ask your web host provider to modify your MX records for you to take advantage of this service.

  5. ummm… speaking of taking a slice out of my face, any idea what has happened to (maybe my computer is just being wonky)

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