By popular request in previous comments, we proudly present live and in color and in their full misery: Animals in Santa Hats!

Carla in Orangutan Hat

Carla in a Camel Santa Hat

Carla in a Rat Santa Hat

Carla in a Ferret Santa Hat

Carla in a Rabbit Santa Hat

Carla in a Cat Santa Hat

Carla in a Dog Santa Hat


  1. Yes, I’m having too much fun with that.
    But it takes too long for Gravatar to approve pics. Seems like it’s gonna be after Christmas before they approve the CarlaCane doll! 😀

  2. So tomorrow’s the last day of class with your Script Professor free workshop… How will we be graded? 😉 Kiddin’
    How are the other courses going? Do you have many others signing up for public courses?

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