By popular request in previous comments, we proudly present live and in color and in their full misery: Animals in Santa Hats!

Carla in Orangutan Hat

Carla in a Camel Santa Hat

Carla in a Rat Santa Hat

Carla in a Ferret Santa Hat

Carla in a Rabbit Santa Hat

Carla in a Cat Santa Hat

Carla in a Dog Santa Hat


  1. Honey, you have no idea what you’re talkin’ about…
    By the way, I created two other dolls last night. I’m totally addicted to the Candybar Doll Maker! 😮

  2. Yes, I’m having too much fun with that.
    But it takes too long for Gravatar to approve pics. Seems like it’s gonna be after Christmas before they approve the CarlaCane doll! 😀

  3. So tomorrow’s the last day of class with your Script Professor free workshop… How will we be graded? 😉 Kiddin’
    How are the other courses going? Do you have many others signing up for public courses?

  4. Well, I’m planning on sitting down and taking a look at what I’ve got and what I want to accomplish after this weekend. 😀

  5. Yes, I’ve decided I’ve really got to hunker down and get serious about this writing thing in order to get anything finished!

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