As we celebrate the New Year, let’s be careful as we saunter into 2006. If you’re drinking, please don’t drive. If you’re driving, please watch out for others who may have been drinking. The change of year is a great watershed moment for many of us as hope and promise and a better life seem to appear just beyond the horizon. Let’s make sure tonight we all get there together safe and happy.


  1. Happy New Year, David!
    Best wishes for safety and peace in the new year.
    Drunk driving is always a problem on New Year’s Eve. Another terrible New Year’s Eve tradition in our area is people firing guns into the air at midnight.
    I’ve posted an entry on my blog about efforts that Gary Police are undertaking to prevent death and injuries from bullets raining from the sky.
    I live in the next city over from Gary and we’ve had a couple of incidents where people have fired guns into the air after New Year’s celebrations. Nobody has been killed, but people have reported car windows being broken by falling bullets outside of places where celebrations were happening.
    Alcohol, guns, and cars … a deadly combination on New Year’s Eve.

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