As President of The United Stage, one of the joys of my job is to support both foundling and professional Playwrights who wish to direct their own plays.

As an online United Stage feature, we offer any Playwright the ability to upload plays for others to read and for everyone to download new plays from Playwrights you might not yet know.

I invite you today to go to the United Stage Plays Download Site to discover the new work of some outstanding Playwrights across the world.

Our latest Playwright offering is from “Churyahin.” Churyahin is a Russian Playwright born into a military prosecutor’s family (Novosibirsk, 1955) who graduated from the Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Gold (Krasnoyarsk, 1977) and earned an approved a doctorial dissertation (Novosibirsk, 1983). Churyahin currently works as a lecturing professor in the area of mathematical modeling at the Siberian Aerospace University (Krasnoyarsk).


  1. Heya tajuki!
    The cost is zero. You can provide your plays for download for free and you can download the plays for free. No one makes any money anywhere.

  2. Welp… I pay for the site and the bandwidth and the hosting… so it’s free to everyone but me.
    I’ll keep it going as long as I can afford the server space and the bandwidth.

  3. Hi Anne —
    I started the United Stage after I graduated from Columbia University.
    There was great pressure to play narrow roles if you were a Playwright in the minds of many student directors. They had no problem re-writing a play or acting in one but Playwrights were not encouraged by them to direct or act or design.
    I am grateful today that Playwrights are once again today asserting their historical right to direct what they write if they so wish.

  4. Right now The United Stage is an international online consortium of theatre people who believe Playwrights are entitled to direct their own plays.
    We do not have a production arm yet — we’d love to do that one day.

  5. It’s good to make sure you are always avaiable. Having brick and stone might take your eye from the goal you are getting. Let me know if I can be of any help. I will download the plays and might even find something here to submit.

  6. It has been four long years since I finished the final draft on my first (and thusfar only) full length two act play, Getting Over It. I have been wanting to produce and direct it ever since then but have never taken the time to seriously get it done.
    Oh, how I would love to produce and direct this bad bear, here in Seattle or in California if that’s where I end up moving come this summer.

  7. Gordon!
    I will be happy to put your play on the United Stage site if you like. Just email me the .DOC file. Many times directing a play is as easy as deciding to do it. The production need not be elaborate. Theatre was born in the churches — The Yale School of Drama is housed in an old church on campus — so don’t think you need a traditional auditorium or a “theatre” to do you show. Be creative and use the space around you.
    What might you do in California?

  8. Oh, believe me, I have already read your piece and am fully ready to bring my east coast mentality with me. 🙂 I’m not going to let a slower pace slow me down. Hee hee.
    What I am planning on doing in california is doing exactly what I do here except not as cold, and with regular trips to disneyland. 🙂 also – elizabeth is having some trouble trying to ease into life as a jewish woman as the community is small and the pizza places are – welll…. non-existant except for one place which makes pizza like they must make it in israel. by that i mean not at all like how they make it here.
    Anyhow, California has a much broader jewish community – even in Irvine, where we are looking, there is an eruv, which is good for a jewish community. There are at least 14 or so kosher pizza places to choose from, and plenty of other places that are kosher – including the one owned by Steven Spielberg’s mother (that she has been the proud owner of from way back before anyone knew who he was).
    The good thing about her school and what she is learning is that she can take it anywhere. She’s studying to be a medical administrative assistant, and just about every medical facility of every sort needs them.
    Goodness – I’m looking at what I thought was the final draft of the play and I realized that somehow the last scene is how it was before I changed it four years ago. I had to re-edit it from memory. Made a couple of minor changes as well but nothing noteworthy. I’m keeping the final draft date as it is. 🙂

  9. Sounds like you have a great plan, Gordon.
    Toshiba is located in Irvine so I know the area well. It is bright and sunny and beautiful and REALLY hot!
    The burning, dry, Santa Ana winds blow and it’s the kind of weather for murdering made famous in mystery novels.

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