Other than a keyboard, the “most touched” piece of your computer is your mouse and having the right external mouse has been a lifelong mission of mine. I believe I have found the best mouse so far in the Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless mouse and the price was around $60.00 USD.

 Logitech MX 1000 Mouse 

If you tried and hated the Logitech MX700 wireless mouse as I did
several years ago — you can buy well now in knowing the MX1000 beats
the MX700 in every way. The MX1000 is faster, sleeker and stronger and
it holds a charge much longer than the MX700.

The worst thing that can
happen to you while you’re using a rechargeable mouse is to have the
charge run out on you when you’re in the middle of a hot inspiration.
The cordless communication of the mouse does not interfere with, or get
bothered by, my cellular phone or my Wi-Fi network or my computer
monitor or my cordless phone. Here are some other features of the

  • Rechargeable: Rapid-charging base station makes sure the mouse
    is always ready, and the lithium-ion battery never needs replacing
  • Fast RF cordless: Cordless performance that equals USB corded connection
  • New thumb-button controls: Universal page forward and back, plus an application switch that quickly moves between open windows
  • Superior grasp: Deep-sculpted thumb support for incredible comfort, and outside finger grips for enhanced control
  • Illuminated 4-level battery indicator: Precisely monitor battery strength
  • Powerful
    scrolling system: Wheel tilts for side-to-side scrolling, Cruise
    Control rocker for speed-scrolling up and down, and zoom with a click
    of the wheel
  • Now Logitech also offers the new G7 mouse for gaming — and if you are a game player, you will like that mouse better:

     Logitech G7 Laser Mouse

    If, however, you spend your day writing and surfing the web, the better
    choice for you is the MX1000 because it offers dedicated rocker
    switches for scrolling pages and for moving forward and backward in
    your web surfing history. I love being able to page through my web
    history using only my thumb on the side of the mouse and I spend most
    of my time going backwards in my history so I appreciate being able to
    change how each button on the mouse behaves:

     Logitech MX 1000 Mouse

    previously used the Logitech MX510 as my mouse of choice. The MX510 was
    a corded mouse and it was fast and the scroll wheel had a smoother
    movement than the MX1000, but the MX510 always had a dangerous red
    laser that could poke out your eye if you were curious or not careful.
    I was stabbed in the eye by a laser once and it was blinding and
    painful. The new MX1000 has no visible laser to poke you and here’s how
    the new technology makes your life better:

     Logitech MX 1000 Mouse Optical

    has always provided their own excellent mouse software and the MX1000
    is no different. The SetPoint software helps you mouse how you wish to
    mouse by letting you choose what the buttons fire and how fast or slow
    your mouse responds to your actions.

    The installation of the Logitech
    mouse software was smart enough to recognize my Thinkpad T43p
    mouse software and then only install what the MX1000 needed to work
    every day. I now have three ways to mouse — my two embedded ThinkPad
    mice and my MX1000.

     Logitech MX 1000 Mouse Optical

    The MX1000 battery is long-lasting. I can mouse for two full days
    before finding the need to place the mouse in the recharge station. The
    MX1000 also rapidly recharges. I can go from empty to full in less than
    80 minutes. My old MX700 took six hours to reach full recharge
    As a writer, the MX1000 helps me work smarter and quicker, and you
    can’t place a price tag on personal efficiency.


    1. Hi Monique —
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mouse! I, too, like the power lights, though it takes a little bit of getting used to as they turn on when you move the mouse and then turn off when you leave the mouse. My eye gets drawn to the lights turning off sometimes.

    2. The lights do do that. Have you ever seen the red light? It’s in the last position but counts as the fourth light. The mouse just moves so easy. Like it takes no effort.

    3. When I was testing the mouse I saw the red light!
      It is kind of funny they count that light as the fourth indicator. I agree the mouse has a wispy, rapid, feel in your hand.
      I’m using the new Fellowes “Microban” antimicrobial mouse pad with the mouse and it all works great together.

    4. The mouse pad fights bacterial growth that can make you sick and also eat away your mouse pad. The product advertisement says the average desk has “400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat” because we live and eat at our desks all day long.
      The “Microban” material is built into the mouse pad so it will never wear away or wash out.
      The mouse pad is super thin — about a third of the height of a traditional mouse pad. I like it a lot and I especially like the black color. It makes my MX1000 mouse and my Logitech speakers and my ThinkPad T43p!

    5. Welp, clem, I was ordering the mouse and I remembered I wanted a new mouse pad and I asked PC Connection to add a black mouse pad to my order and they did and it cost $4.99, I think! I had no idea it was “Microban” or antimicrobial or anything when I bought it — it was all a happy surprise.

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