Whenever you feel frustrated or overwhelmed or if you get down on yourself and feel the world is against you, turn to the perfect antidote for getting back to the basics of living of a life.
Simply remember all the young soldiers who recently returned to their homeland with shaken brains and arms and legs blown off their bodies on a land that is not their own in a war they never thought would end that way for them.
While those soldiers are reborn from square one, we accept their measure of surly reality as we are jerked back from pitiful thoughts and only-me behavior and all our misplaced countless blessings are quickly found again in the residue of their blood.


  1. The saying goes – ‘’the harder you fall, the higher you bounce.’’
    Feeling down is a natural phenomenon, it is the bouncing back that counts.

  2. Things like that (and there are a lot of things one can imagine) are definitely a cure for self pity. Usually all I need to do is think of my boyfriend and his daily struggle not being able to see his daughter and I realize my life is really really good.

  3. Hi Robin!
    Yes, sometimes to get out of our own heads and into someone else’s body can provide great compassion and insight into the stakes grounding them.

  4. there are lessons how to not repeat the same mistakes twice when not even a generation passes between the last lesson

  5. Right, clem. There are also lessons in humility and humiliation and aggression and arrogance and then there’s the heartbroken and hard-hearted — but do those lessons stick? Is there everlasting memory in lessons learned in the blood of others?

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