Here is my list of currently activated Plugins in WordPress 2.0.2.

 WordPress Plugins

If you have any questions about what these Plugins do here or where to
find them, let me know!
What Plugins are you using and what do they do on your blog? My Plugins
philosophy is to remain as bare-bones as possible without ruining any
expected interaction or information.
If you are using a program other than WordPress to blog — what is the
name of that program and why do you prefer it over WordPress and what
kind of extras have you added via Plugin or some other method of adding

I was having a wee bit of sudden trouble for a couple of days this week
with my beta Google Sitemaps Plugin. The Plugin had been performing
flawlessly since I installed it the instant it was available. When I
started to save my posts for later editing the Plugin would throw up a
page of error messages.
Checking Plugin creator Arne’s website I saw others were having a similar problem.
One solution was to implement the Permalinks fix found here and just changing that bit of code made my entire blog SUPERFAST!

You need to change some lines of code to get that fast change to
work so you shouldn’t play around with the fix unless you are
comfortable editing core WordPress files.
Another solution was to add this piece of code —
ini_set("memory_limit","32M");— to my sitemap.php Plugin
file in order to add PHP memory. That fix also might not be well-liked
by your server if you are sharing resources with other users, so be
careful before adding in that piece of code. I’m on a dedicated virtual

I added that line of code because I’m the one who makes
decisions concerning PHP memory use.
Implementing both changes solved my beta Google Sitemaps trouble. I
know Arne already has fixes in place for a future release and I look
forward to installing it here when the Plugin grows beyond its fine


  1. It’s always fun to see what people are running on their blogs. It looks like you’re using the plugins that K2 uses by default. Is that by plan?

  2. Hi soos!
    It’s great to see your sunshiny face!
    Yes, most of my Plugins are K2 supported. For now that’s the simplest way to add great functionality to this blog with K2 still in beta.

  3. Hey I just tried that Permalinks fix you mentioned on a client site and gosh it sure does speed up things. What a great fix that only took copy and paste time.

  4. Yeah! What a fast fix that really zings things along. You can notice the speed increase here when you click on post titles. The pages load a lot faster now.

  5. So how do we all get that speed fix? Do we all have to copy and paste or what?

  6. I believe that speed fix is included in the WordPress 2.1 update. There are other speed optimizations in that update as well, including a faster cache process, I believe.

  7. So maybe with the speed increases you can go back to your changing header image? I miss that.

  8. I miss the rotating header, too. It took forever to load, though. It didn’t matter what server I was on or if I had 2 or 26 images (I had 26!) available to be called — it still took forever to load. I guess it was a PHP issue.
    Having only a static header image means everything loads much, much faster though it does get a little old aesthetically.
    When K2 gets out of beta I will give the rotating images another shot and see how it all works out.
    I’ll also add some other functionality and maybe change the base font and such, too.

  9. It sounds like you have a good plan. When I post messages I see faster load times. I guess that’s the Permalinks fix at work.

  10. It does seem comments post faster now! Cool. I will keep you looped in on future events and I thank you so much for your time and feedback!

  11. P.S. —
    If anyone has any design ideas for the look of this blog, please post a comment to let me know or you can use the more private avenue for getting in touch by using our Contact Page.

  12. Okay, I really cannot pretend to know even half of what you’re talking about here lol, I’m really not a techie kinda person.
    As you may remember I moved my entire blog to WordPress last month from Blogger. I’d been with Blogger since August of last year – even before that. I’ve had a few blogs that I wasn’t too happy with and deleted them.
    Anyway, Blogger was always fine for me, it was easy enough to write posts and get them published, it was easy enough to upload photos and everything. Then I noticed that it was taking forever for Blogger to upload photos. It didn’t matter whether it was 1, or whether it was 10. As time went by, it took longer and longer, till one day, it loaded 6 out of 8 photos and I saw red.
    So, goodbye Blogger, hello wordpress lol. There’s so much I’m still learning about WordPress, but I LOVE the way it runs smoothly and my blog opens pretty fast too. I was able to transfer my entire blog over from Blogger too which made my day. There are some posts posted on my blog that have happy memories for me and I didn’t want to lose those. I guess the person to talk about Plugins would have to be my partner lol, he’s the techie minded one out of the two of us.

  13. Hi Dawn!
    I am glad you are finding helpful to you as a blogging platform.
    We who choose to install the self-standing install of WordPress have a little more room to add and update things but we are also less stable than those blogs hosted directly on
    You also have those supercool Sidebar Widgets on Are you using them on your site?

  14. I’m not using them currently, but there’s no saying I ever will lol. My blog tends to change as and when the urge strikes me to change the template. Since changing to WordPress, I think it’s the longest I’ve gone without the urge to change something. Maybe that’s because I know that I can change the whole theme with one click of the mouse, and not have to worry about losing any of my links or anything.
    That’s something I find pretty darn cool lol.

  15. Hi Dawn —
    Yes! Being able to change your entire theme with a single, easy, click is a great feature of WordPress and you know the themes on will work right without any trouble.

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