I have learned to never wonder aloud — especially when it comes to working on a creative project with other people.

It is much easier to pitch what you know is the right idea and run with it than open up the less good options in your mind to others who may not share your same gift to prioritize and evaluate ideas on-the-fly.

Wondering aloud often leads to “oh, let’s try that, too!” and “hey, why didn’t I think of that?” and neither of those responses are good for you or your newfound co-wonderer. The former makes more work for you and the latter identifies you as a threat even though you’re all working on the same team.

Wondering aloud means you then have to show people why your ideas are just wonderings and not meant to be realities. You are forced to tear down your own ideas by actually realizing them beyond your mind and if you don’t do that then you risk being labeled: “Not a Team Player.”

Wondering is wonderful and if you are talented you keep your wonderments to yourself because to wonder in public is to tempt creation, is to create work, is to employ your own death at the hands of your own hand.


  1. Hey this I’m with. Brainstorming means one person doing all the work while everyone else tears down the ideas!

  2. Isn’t mediocrity like the curse of the middle class or something like that?

  3. My mentor Dr. Howard Stein, told me at Columbia University in New York City when I was pursuing my MFA there: “Mediocrity only recognizes mediocrity.”

  4. Well, Adjunct X, I think Dr. Stein would argue genius and mediocrity can never meet because genius recognizes mediocrity but mediocrity can never recognize genius.

  5. That sounds like a lot of smart people are going to be really unhappy.

  6. That’s why we need to always fight to be more than the middle minded.

  7. Hi Katha!
    I love the quote from your hometown newspaper. What did the entire article concern?
    What you hope to happen is terrific, but how do you teach a mediocre mind to see things as you see them?

  8. I don’t know if I am going to get caught in the act of copyright but I can’t help translating a recent article published in the newspaper of my home town a couple weeks back.
    It says:
    “Comfort is the other name of mediocrity as it is supported by the majority. It is comfortable because one doesn’t have to strive hard to be a creative thinker, take the pain to stand out or excel, think to comprehend, and this easy life will encourage them to be more mediocre.”
    I agree, genius is rare, everyone cannot be a genius. But at least everyone can try to comprehend, take the pressure to think creatively, see the bigger picture, and lead a meaningful life! That way the whole mediocre class can make a better world!

  9. Ok, I will try my level best to interpret the correct flavor of the article but it’s very difficult while translating.
    The entire article speaks about indulging oneself in an easy life, and the majority goes for this because it is comfortable, painless and that’s what encourages the mediocre mind — the effortlessness.

  10. Hi Katha!
    Thanks for the extra detail on the article. I love it!
    Is it possible to overcome a mediocre mind? Are there any examples of that happening?

  11. But there also is a large number of population who simply avoid this choice of taking pressure. I am not talking about working hard to earn more; I am talking about thinking, understanding, relating and implementing it in life.

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