Today Janna and I celebrate our 18th century — err, year — of wedded bliss!
I promised to spend the day with my Everlasting Beauty — and that is a delicious experience rivaled only by the fabled Everlasting Gobstopper — and so, I may not be as readily available here to comment as we reflect on the scope of our lives together. We may even cry a little.
Our marriage is the greatest accomplishment of my life.
Our marriage is a safe harbor from the destruction and disappointments of the world as well as being the pinnacle for sharing the joys and accomplishments we give and receive from the universe.


  1. Thank you, my Anne!
    My Beloved Janna just leapt off to Manhattan for “a vital meeting” — so much for our exclusive cuddling today!
    I think I’ll have myself a good cry!

  2. I’m sure she’ll be there and back in no time, David. Then you can celebrate the rest of the day.

  3. That’s a beautiful tribute to your life together.
    Congratulations. Hope Janna gets back soon!

  4. Wow! Congrats!!!
    Happy cruising for ‘n’ number of years ahead!

  5. Antoinette!
    Our beautiful life together is certainly something I cherish.
    I confess she puts up with more of me than I do of her — I can, at times, be a difficult personality.
    I know that’s a big surprise to many but, it’s true!

  6. Thank you, Katha!
    Oh, and check your email adress in your comments — sometimes you forget the “r” in the “chatter” and that means your Gravatar doesn’t load.

  7. Sure!
    The ‘r’ button doesn’t work well in the computer I use in school – I will be careful!

  8. Awwwwwww David – what a beautiful sentiment to your lovely wife. May you have many many more years of married bliss.
    You set a good example in a world where the divorce rate is rising. I am determined to follow your example
    Many Congratulations 😀

  9. That’s funny, Katha! I usually fix your “r” problem as I did today — but then I thought I should let you know in case you didn’t know.
    The “bad r key” is kind of sad. It makes me cry for you! Are you crying? If you aren’t crying — are you at least bleeding?

  10. Dawn!
    There you are! I have missed your spirit here!
    You bring up a magnificent example, Dawn, especially in light of the the crazy MD who preferred to blow up his house than sell it and share the profits with his ex-wife as mandated by the court:
    We see married people all around us who hate each other and argue and don’t feel or think the same way about ANYTHING while the two of us — quite opposite personalities — are able to share the same core values and beliefs in what matters. It’s an interesting mix that’s kept us together while others seem to be magnetically pushed apart.

  11. Hiya Nicola!
    Thanks for the fine wishes! It’s so great to have you here as a regular member of our team!
    I really appreciate your unique and invigorating views!

  12. I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a little while David. Unfortunately I’ve been doped up to the eyeballs! Last week I started with a toothache, it wasn’t bad it just niggled, then last Friday morning, I woke at 2am in absolute agony with it. Nothing I tried worked, so I went back to bed to try and sleep. At 5.30am I was wide awake, up and in tears. Jeff decided to try and get me an emergency appointment at a Dentist, so at 10am that morning, I was sat back in the dentists chair having various things prodded and poked about inside my mouth. Turns out I have quite a severe tooth infection, and the nerve is dying, so I’m now on Antibiotics and strong painkillers for a week.
    We go away on Vacation on Thursday for 5 days (no drinking alcohol allowed!) and then I go back to have the tooth pulled the following thursday. Ugh.
    As for the divorce rate – My mother was always proud that her and my father stuck together through thick and thin. They were together for 30 years and married for 28. Mom began to get suspicious of a woman who was my Dad’s personal Assistant at work, and she finally blew after the Christmas party at my Dad’s workplace 5 years ago this coming Christmas. Dad tried to tell mom that there was nothing going on, but she was drunk, so he though maybe she’d have calmed down in the morning. She hadn’t, and after many arguments, and the most uncomfortable Christmas I’ve ever spent in the family home, Dad packed his things and left on New Years Eve. He and his personal assistant eventually moved in together and have been happily married for 3 years. Mom has been in a long term relationship for the last 2 years, and is by all accounts very happy. However, I did ask my Dad for the truth as to whether he had been cheating on my Mom, and he straight out said no. For that reason, I believe him. Face to face, I know when my Dad is lying, and everything suggested he was telling the truth, from his body language, from the way he looked me straight in the eye, to the tone of his voice. So, who knows?
    I hate seeing people getting Divorced, but at the same time, if it’s for the good and wellbeing of two people, and they believe there is no other way, thewn it can be a good thing. Both my mom and Dad are now happy, and healthy, and to me, thats the most important thing.
    Anywayz, I’ll stop now lol, I’ve rambled on for far too long. I hope you guys enjoy this day of the year for many more to come 😀

  13. I’m sorry to hear of your tooth problem, Dawn! No fun at all. Lots of crying, I hope!
    Did something happen to your tooth? Was it struck or moved in some way?
    Perhaps your mother was seeking a way out? Sometimes it’s easier to point a finger than to raise your hand.
    I’m glad to hear they’re both getting along well now.

  14. Nothing happened to my tooth as far as I’m aware David, but it’s caused nothing but hassle lol. As much as I’m terrified of Needles and stuff, it’s gotta go lol.
    Mom …. I dunno, I don’t think she was looking for a way out. She adored my Dad, and when he left she fell apart. My aunt found her with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of pills one day not long after he left. She was put onto Antidepressents, and also sleeping pills.
    It took her a long time to start trusting men again, but the one she’s now has always treated her like a perfect gentleman should. I’m happy for her, and for my Dad. Finally, it seems they’ve both gotten what they want out of life.

  15. Sometimes strange things happen with teeth, Dawn. I’m glad you’re getting a resolution and I hope it won’t mess up your vacation too much.
    I’m with you on you mom! I’m glad she’s doing and feeling better now.

  16. Congratulations David and Janna on your 18 years!
    Best wishes for many more years of married bliss.
    I know the solution to our nation’s divorce and many other problems: put fluoxetine hydrochloride into the water, the same way we fluoridate. 😉
    While we are putting meds in the water, we could also put in some rimonabant, once it is approved by the FDA!
    It would keep the wives from complaining about beer guts and spare tires as we get older. 🙂

  17. Hey Chris!
    Porcelain, Eh? Hm… it reminds me of bathroom fixtures! I wonder what sort of gift one could give that would be porcelain and appropriately romantic?

  18. A Lladro. There’s some romantic ones under “Family and Traditions.”

  19. Heh!
    “bad r key” sucks!
    As today is a special day for you, I don’t want you to cry for me today, I will do it for my own! 🙁
    have fun! 😀

    They are beautiful porceline figurines, made by a company started by three brothers in the early 50’s outside Valencia, Spain.
    Under catalogues, you can view several. The romantic ones, as far as anniversary-type figurines, are under “Family and Traditions.” But, there are some beautiful ones under “Dreaming” (such as Birth of Venus) and “Nature.”

  21. Katha!
    Have you told anyone at your school about the “bad r key” or is this a misery you choose to share just with yourself?
    I have cried for you three times today:
    1. Your lack of an “r” key.
    2. My wealth in “r” keys that I cannot share with you.
    3. Your continued lack of tear-shedding in general.

  22. Hi Antoinette!
    Ah! I see your link now, cool!
    I love the Lladro stuff. I don’t know if it is too foofy for Janna or not. She’s pretty tough. The panther she might like. If they had a Pepsi logo on them she’d like them even better! Heh. She’s curious that way.
    I looked at the selections for Men Only and found I love the Don Quixote very much: It’s only $1,600.00 USD! How can I convince here to buy it for me?

  23. Chris!
    I love your eHow URL. It made me laugh out loud! I almost woke up Janna from her beauty nap! Now that was a fun website and completely devastating! Thanks!

  24. Ok, now I am crying for you…seeing you crying so much… 🙁
    The computer at my work station is perfectly fit and fine.
    It’s the computer at the library that has the r-key problem. We have a gazillion computers there, but I prefer a particular location in the 4th flr that has this specific problem…the r-key doesn’t listen to me when I touch it softly – it needs a punch!!!

  25. Katha! Yay! I made you cry! Please send a photograph as evidence!
    Sticky keys are no fun. I hope you pound that “r” into submission!

  26. I am still crying…. 🙁
    and taking pictures….
    Will frame it and send you as your anniversary gift!

  27. David, congrats to you and Janna on 18 years of married bliss. It would seem that you are a rarity these days considering the high US divorce rate. I personally have done my share to keep the percentages high so I really can appreciate you making 18 years. I think my longest was 7!

  28. I have a lot of good role models in this regard. My parents and two of my mother’s sisters have been married to their husbands for over 40 years, my dad’s brother and his sisters have been married to their spouses for over 35
    years. My father’s parents were married 48 years (my grandfather died).

  29. Antoinette —
    Are these “role models” of which you speak also the same parents that disowned you for wanting to get away from the family to claim your own life?
    Is there merit in celebrating married years together if the rotten core of it all actively tries to disavow the blood and bone of its progeny?

  30. My parents are devoted to each other and have gone through many changes and difficult times with their marriage flourishing. They are still in love. In that way they might be considered role models. I certainly don’t consider them models for anything else! I am disgusted when they continue to brag about their popping out all of us like it was some huge accomplishment. I certainly do not celebrate mothers and fathers day with them.
    My comment was more in regard to the way they treat each other, their marriage. I try to learn the lessons I can where it is appropriate rather than tossing out everything with the bad.

  31. Sorry…I kind of cut through….
    Regarding your “guilty in one thing, guilty in all” – what if you misinterpret someone?

  32. Well, Katha, in the context of my conversation with Antoinette we were talking about her parents who disowned her after she left the family core for a life of her own.
    In that narrow example that kind of guilt in cutting off a child is the end all for me — nothing else matters other than that terrible act against a child.
    Antoinette can dismiss that cutting off and still celebrate her parent’s longevity in marriage.
    I am unable to make that disconnection between parent and child to connect a celebration of a marriage that betrayed a child.
    There is also a concept in American law that I was alluding to in my quote in that if a witness or suspect is found to be lying about one thing then you — as a juror or a finder of fact like a prosecutor or police officer — can make a legally reasonable assumption that they are lying about all things because to tell a single lie taints an entirely otherwise honest testimony or claim or story or alibi.

  33. I wouldn’t say “dismiss” if I were describing it! I am still very angry.

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