We are bundled energy.

Electricity bounces within us.

We create our own current.

We are our own batteries.

The easiest way to share our proprietary energy is through a handshake.

Shaking hands with someone is a heat exchange few of us realize — an osmosis, if you will — of two primary essences of life.

Have you ever used the power in your body to heat up your hands to purposefully try to heal someone by touching them?

I’m not talking about checking a child for a fever with your palm or massaging a sore muscle.

I am talking about the determined decision by you to bring all the power and force you have in your body to heat up your hands with the direct intent of using your electricity to heal another person without flexing your hands in any way.


  1. A Filipino group my wife and I attend likes to pray for people by holding their hands out and touching them.
    People will gather around someone, put their hands on the person, and pray for healing or for protection.
    They’ll routinely pray for the older members of the group, as well as anyone who is traveling, doing anything special or celebrating a birthday.
    I’ve felt the power coursing from peoples’ hands as they’ve touched my shoulders while praying for me.

  2. Hi Chris!
    There is a fascinating process of moving energy into the hands — via prayer or Qi (Chi) or just plain concentration — to bring that internal energy outward to heal and comfort people who are hurt.
    I absolutely believe you can feel the power in hands placed on you and if you are aware of the power in your hands — even when shaking someone else’s hand — you can deliver a biological message that is understood and accepted on a cellular level. It is a powerful tool for renewing your sprit or someone else’s.
    The trouble comes when you know about this power and use it against someone who is unaware of that power. If you do it right – but in a harmful spirit — you can “steal” energy from an unwitting person to weaken them. If you really do it with bad intent you can mess up their entire electrical system and give them a heart attack.
    When I’m feeling low on energy — I replenish my reserves the right way — and I ask Janna to hold my hand. She knows what I mean when I ask that of her. She stops when she feels my hand become uncomfortably hot and she pulls away on her own because, by that time, I am usually asleep.

  3. Hi David,
    I might have to try that to see what happens. I’ll mention it to my wife because she thinks about qi in terms of feng shui.
    We have done things around the house to take into account for energy flow, such as putting a huge mirror across from our picture window. We’ve also put a mirror on the bathroom door and have a small water fountain in front of our house.
    All of these things make good sense in feng shui, as well as look good.
    From Wikipedia:

    Underlying the practical guidelines of feng shui is a general theory of Nature. Nature is generally held to be a discrete organism that breathes qi (a kind of life force or spiritual energy). The details about the metaphysics of what Nature is, what qi is and does, and what breath consists in vary and conflict. It is not generally understood as physical, but it is neither meant to be metaphorical nor fictionalistic (the latter being the view that even though an entity is fictional, it is useful to talk as if it really exists).
    The goal of feng shui guidelines is to orient dwellings, possessions, land and landscaping, etc., so as to be attuned with the flow of qi.

    My wife travels to her pediatric patients’ homes to provide services. She tells me that she notices children who live in cul-de-sacs seem to have more problems than kids who live on other types of streets.
    It might be that many new subdivisions are built with a cul-de-sac design to keep traffic to a minimum and most people patients live in those types of neighborhoods, so the numbers might not mean anything.
    But, it would be interesting to map out illness in relationship to the principles of feng shui to see if there’s any correlation.

  4. Hi Chris!
    Ooo! I love it that you have your house set up to get the energy flowing in the right way.
    What differences have you noticed before and after the application of feng shui?
    What do the three changes in you mention fix in your house?
    On which side of the bathroom door is the mirror?
    I find it fascinating your wife sees a correlation between illness in children and cul-de-sacs and it certainly deserves more attention — is it because the energy gets stored in the circle and can’t get out and that creates an endless cycle of bad energy?
    How can one “feng shui” a cul-de-sac other than not buying into one?

  5. Guilty as “charged” .
    I can use my internal energy and focus it into my hands to heal.
    I can also do it in reverse and pull headaches, and pain (both physical and emotional).
    So in this sense I am basically a two way switch.
    I prefer to pull, merely because I find that easier to do.
    I know the next question is going to be “how do you do that?” – the answer is I dont rightly know.
    I would suggest it is a combination of latent ability, visualisation, focus and intent – coupled of course with the belief that it is possible to do.
    I have also studied Chakra, kundalini, and Kabbalah pathworking – all of which involve similar elements.

  6. Ah! Excellent, Nicola!
    How did you discover your healing hands?
    There is an exercise in Tai Chi that works on bringing power into the hands to shape and change the flow of an energy ball you control in front of you.
    If you then take the practiced power and apply it to different situations you can really make some interesting things happen.

  7. Hi David,
    The mirror on the living room wall is supposed to deflect any bad energy that comes in from the outside from a “shar” that is a little up the street from our house.
    In feng shui, living on a T-intersection is bad. We live about 200 feet away from the intersection, so we don’t have to worry about the flow as much, but it doesn’t hurt.
    From Dr. Edgar Sung:

    So if you have a home which is situated like this (at a T-intersection) then you would want to place a Tai San Shi Kan Ton stone between your home and the intersection of the roads, to keep the road Chi, which can be thought of as a flowing river of Chi, from uncontrollably flowing into your home and overwhelming it with its ceaseless energy.

    Also, the mirror makes the room look brighter and larger.
    Some feng shui practitioners suggest that mirrors don’t do anything to direct or re-direct qi.

    Traditional Feng Shui utilizes only the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water as remedies to energetic issues in a house or building. Mirrors do not play any part as a remedy.

    Source:168 Feng Shui blog
    The water view in the front of the house is supposed to bring prosperity. It is also relaxing to have flowing water greet visitors and us when we come home.
    HSBC’s building in Hong Kong was built with this water principle in mind.

    The Chinese and even the British believe that those who have a direct view of a body of water, whether it is a river, a sea or an ocean, are more likely to prosper than those who do not (water is strongly associated with wealth in Fung Shui terms).
    The HSBC building has a wide open area (the Statue Square) in front of it, with no other buildings blocking its view of Victoria Harbour; thus, it is considered to have “good feng shui”.

    Since we don’t have a direct view of any water — there’s a creek about a football field away behind our house, but it is hidden by trees — we decided to add the small fountain to the front.
    We also have wind chimes in front as well.
    It’s nice and peaceful to hear the water gurgling along with the wind chimes.
    The bathroom door mirror is supposed to keep qi from going down the toliet. Also, keeping that door closed and the lid down also helps.

    You can help prevent a loss of opportunity by always closing the bathroom door and toilet lid (when not in use) to prevent the unnecessary escape of chi.
    Lots of lighting, good ventilation and cleanliness are essential to a proper Feng Shui bathroom. As with other rooms, a lot of mirrors are important to reflect chi and keep it moving around the room and throughout the house.
    To help resolve the situation of the toilet being located in the center of the house (the prosperity part), place a full-length mirror on the bathroom/toilet closet door. The mirror will help deflect chi and also create an illusion of the bathroom/toilet not being there.

    Source: Ivillage.
    We haven’t noticed any major changes, but things seem to be going smoothly around the house. Feng shui improvements are relaxing, which is always a good thing.
    I don’t know what can be done to avoid the pitfalls of a cul-de-sac. I’ll have to ask my wife what she thinks. I know that she has a preference to houses with front doors that face east. Maybe buying an eastern facing house in the middle of the block could work?
    We have some Filipino friends who bought a new house not too long ago. They were upset with their builder and ended up getting a cost reduction because the builder reversed their plan and messed up some of their feng shui planning.
    I noticed that they live in the middle of a block that isn’t a cul-de-sac and their house faces east.

  8. I thank you for those fascinating links to information, Chris.
    There is energy in everything around us.
    The world itself creates it own energy and that effect creates a “hum” that was discovered in 2004:

    Scientists believe they have pinpointed the origin of a low frequency “hum” that emanates from the Earth.
    The noise – which can be picked up in the two and seven mHz (millihertz) range – occurs far below the threshold of human hearing, US researchers said.
    The daily release of energy required to generate the hum is equivalent to a magnitude 5.75 to six earthquake, say Junkee Rhie and Barbara Romanowicz of the University of California, Berkeley.
    They show that the hum is not distributed over the entire surface of the globe as previously thought. Instead, they have pinpointed the source of the “noise” to the seas not the land.


  9. I think from what I remember I have always had them to some extent – hence my comment about latent ability. I have only consiously started using them i the last ten years under direction from my mentor.
    Tai Chi is on my list of things to explore. Not many classes around here though 🙁 – mind you not much of anything around here !

  10. I was introduced to this idea about “energy-channeling-healing” by one of my friend back in India. I had a habit of scrutinizing everything using my ‘five senses’ (which I believe are pretty strong) but it was because of him I came to know about one more sense – that was not tangible.
    I saw him using it, he was quite powerful and could easily misuse it – but he never did.
    I 200% agree with David a handshake being an osmosis – a person’s way of shaking hands can tell a lot about his inner strength/energy.

  11. Nicola –
    If you have stories to tell about your healing hands, I hope you’ll share them with us here!
    Bill Douglas is an excellent teacher. He has a T’ai Chi book and DVD. He’s a regular guy with an extraordinary talent and a great teaching manner:
    Anthology of T’ai Chi & Qigong: The Prescription for the Future (DVD)
    by Bill Douglas
    Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi and QiGong (Book & DVD)
    by Bill Douglas
    Here is his website:

  12. Katha!
    There you are! Your Gravatar is working with your new email address! Yay!
    How do you now use your new sixth sense?
    Yes, a handshake is completely telling. I get an instant visceral energy reaction when I shake someone’s hand that gives me a visual readout in the air before me of their history and energy pattern.
    Sometimes, when I sense they are “with me” even though we’ve never met, I’ll gently hold their hand a bit longer than should be expected for a handshake and I will even place my other hand over their hand I am holding. I don’t have to tell them what I’m doing. They intrinsically already know.
    Having “hot hands” is a blessing and a curse! When people with cold hands meet me, they hold MY hand for a while to warm up but when I put my hands on Janna –- in a normal, affectionate way — she always says, “Ouch! Hot! Hot! Hot hands! Off!”

  13. David, sorry for being ‘off and on’ like this, I am yet to get accustomed to my new schedule.
    One needs to practice a lot to channel this energy in a constructive way, the only thing I can do is to ‘blank my mind’ – helps a lot when I am under pressure. That’s my parachute. Though according to my friend it is somewhat ‘impossible’ – because if I am aware of my mind being blank that it is actually not blank! Logically he is right, but I cannot really express how I do it.
    I saw my friend healing people through his energy, he tried it once on me – but I was too restless to cooperate. My friend told me “you are resisting it, unknowingly” and he was absolutely right. I couldn’t grasp the idea someone healing my pain through “hands???” instead of medicine till then. After he mentioned it I was more aware of my own thought process.
    You are right about knowing someone being “with you” through a shake hand. It feels like a bonding, instantly – whatever name you give to the process – doesn’t matter!

  14. Hi David,
    Earth monitoring is interesting. I haven’t tried it out, but there are people who have dedicated pages to instructions on how to listen to nature’s radio waves.
    From the Natural VLF Radio Home Page:

    Natural VLF (very-low-frequency) Radio – also called “Natural Radio” – are audio-frequency radio signals of Earth in the approximately 200 Hz to beyond 10,000 Hz (10 kHz) spectrum which are not man-made but occur naturally in nature. The most-spectacular phenomena are heard between 400 Hz and 5 kHz. …
    Many listeners to natural VLF radio note how the majority of these recordings of Earth’s beautiful Natural VLF Radio sounds closely resemble biological/vocal sounds made by birds, frogs, whales, seals, etc. (or sci-fi sound effects).

    Writes NASA:

    If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet. Scientists call them “tweeks,” “whistlers” and “sferics.” They sound like background music from a flamboyant science fiction film, but this is not science fiction. Earth’s natural radio emissions are real and, although we’re mostly unaware of them, they are around us all the time.

  15. Hi Katha!
    I am glad you are able to be with us today.
    I’ve been reading about trouble in the ND system:

    It’s been an inauspicious start to the year for IT officials at North Dakota’s public colleges: The institutions’ course-registration software has already frozen up, leaving students frustrated.
    The software—created by PeopleSoft—has kicked a number of students off when they have tried to rearrange their course loads, says Robert Haskins, president of the North Dakota Student Association. And even though the computer system now seems to be running more smoothly, students are complaining that they’re not getting much out of their $81 annual technology fee, according to the Associated Press.

    Did that bug bite you?
    I understand what you mean about clearing your mind. I call it a “neutral” mindset where you just let everything wash over you without judging it.
    I have a feeling, Katha, if we ever meet each other in person, our palms will explode if we shake hands!

  16. Chris —
    Reading your message makes it clear THERE IS NO REASON why Akismet would grab you. It must like you. Have you tried shaking its hand to repel it off you?
    Oh, I like those links! “Natural radio!” I absolutely love it!
    There are places you can go in rural areas of the world where there is nothing but land and sky and if you listen and feel — you can hear a faint hum and feel the natural vibration of the earth — even though you’re not supposed to be able to sense any of it naturally.
    Some try to blame the experience on power lines — but when there are no power lines around you have to change your mode of thinking.

  17. I use my body to give out energy to help my Spirit Guides when I’m doing an Oracle Card Reading for myself or someone else.
    I say a prayer first to help me stay grounded, and for my Gatekeeper to protect me from any lower entities using my energy, then I hold my hand out over the cards. The Spirit Guide of whoever I may happen to be doing a reading for, will then use my energy to move my hand, and pick out the cards that contain the messages that they most want to get through to their charges.
    I used to just lay the cards down and pick whichever one stood out to me, but I have found this to be a much more reliable way, and I’ve had many comments from friends about how spot on the readings were.
    Not quite the same thing that you were asking about, but an effective use of body energy anyway. 🙂

  18. David,
    I didn’t face any problem regarding registration as I completed it when I was in Wisconsin but did face problem while trying to access/submit my assignments online – that’s frustrating.
    NDSU has observed a significant influx in student population (in last 2 years) but I think they are yet to be ready to handle the pressure.
    You are right about the mindset being neutral – it is very effective to let your stress out. We may not realize or agree with it but stress has its own impact. If one can’t/doesn’t know how to reduce it, it is surely going to affect him/her physically/mentally/psychologically.
    I will previously call the fire station and make an arrangement before I meet you!!!

  19. Katha —
    I am glad to learn you didn’t have any registration problems but I am sorry to hear about submitting assignments online. What program are they using? Blackboard? Moodle? WebCT? Something else?
    I am happy to learn NDSU is getting more students! That is a good thing. That means the university has more money to spend.
    Well said about the mindset! We’re thinking exactly the same.
    Thank you for making previous emergency plans for us in case we burn down the city!

  20. Thank you for the information on Tai Chi – I will put the book and DVD on my wish list!
    For both emotional and physical healing I first need permission which I seek both mentally and verbally. I also make sure I am fully charged, and fully grounded before I start, although this isnt always possible.
    The mechanics are different for giving and pulling. *Giving* of energy takes a lot more concentrated focus, preferably peace and quiet and for somewhere for the patient to lie quietly. I concentrate on reading both mind and body, as well as drawing up my energy and focussing it on my hands.
    Pulling I find much easier ………mentally pulling emotional pain is almost second nature for me , I have to guard myself quite strongly at times. I have to make sure I charge myself up – sun, moon, stars, trees and water are my natrual batteries. I also have to make sure I ground any negativity I pull .
    Physically pulling headaches is my most used talent …using hand and mind to pinpoint the source, then pulling through my hands usually through theumbs and middle finger.
    Hope this all makes some kind of sense – I find it difficult to diseminate and verbalise.

  21. I remember that post …….. trees have held a place in my heart and affeections since I was a child , My first prize at School was the Enid Blyton book – The Faraway Tree – a tree that had people living in it and worlds that stopped at the top. These days I *work* my own tree , the Tree of Life. I also lived near and played all around Stonehenge when I was a child and have an affinity with the Druidic path.

  22. Hi David,
    We are using Blackboard 7 (?) here. I used to use D2L in Stout, it seemed much faster and user friendly, but it might be a change resistance – I am not sure.
    WE will at least be able to make it in the front page of NY Times in case we burn down the city through our energy!

  23. Nicola!
    I don’t know how to thank you! Thanks a ton!
    I 400% agree with you the “sun, moon, star, trees and water” being our natural batteries! Nothing could be more true than this!
    I don’t practice healing but I think I self-heal myself through this. It’s so hard to make people understand – why I love nature so much! 😀

  24. Hi Katha! Blackboard is very powerful if set up right by the instructor. I taught many classes for many years using Blackboard. If you have any questions, let me know!
    Yes, we’ll alert the NY Times when we meet, and we’ll be sure to let Chris know as well so he can take images for a Four Corners piece he’ll write on our meeting explosion!

  25. Oh, and Nicola?
    We gotta get you an 80×80 avatar uploaded at Gravatar.com so it will load here next to all your fab-o comments! The image doesn’t have to be you — but it should be of you.
    Think on it!

  26. David,
    Thanks in advance! I will definitely bug you!!!
    I think the trouble lies more in of the population of the campus than in the instructor. The “assignments” are taking ages to upload in the middle of the day while at night it is not that bad.
    Moreover, Stout was a wireless campus and the help-desk at Stout was more efficient to handle crisis without losing their nerves, may be because it was a smaller campus or my personal observation.
    Yes! We have to make sure of the presence of Chris before we meet!

  27. It sounds like server overload, Katha. You’re right that’s a school problem and not your problem but if it is affecting you it is affecting everyone so don’t worry about it too much.
    Is NDSU not wireless?

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