I need your help testing a new blog I have set up on blog.BolesUniversity.com — hosted by Blogger — for a special, super-secret, project I am working on and I hope I can share the details with you soon.

Blog @BolesUniversity.com

Please let me know your experience on that blog both here and there so you can directly report your comparative experiences.


  1. freuy —
    Thanks for the feedback. Can you hit it now? I just checked and the blog is there and I have new comments this morning.
    Perhaps this is a propagation issue? I was shocked to see the CNAME change immediately take effect here. We might not be so lucky across the world…

  2. UPDATE:
    Ha! I was just “talking to Chris” in comments on the blog @BU and this page loaded over there:

    Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds.

    We’re going on 5 minutes and I still can’t get back in…

  3. Hi David,
    Sometimes Blogger doesn’t work properly. Always save a draft if the article doesn’t publish properly.

  4. Excellent advice, Chris! I always copy and save EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, Chris — even right here on WP.com just to be safe.
    I’m from the old CP/M Kaypro days where you better save everything all the time or you lose everything in a power surge.
    There are some people who are having trouble hitting the new blog website address. I guess some parts of the world are still propagating the CNAME change…

  5. Very strange, fruey!
    What happens when you try to go here:
    Does it load or not or resolve to blog.bolesuniversity.com?
    I have a friend in California who could not hit the blog yesterday, but on Sunday we had access from Jersey City, Indiana, North Dakota and the UK just to name a few.
    How often does your ISP refresh their DNS tables?

  6. freuy —
    Forget DNSstuff.com! None of my CNAME forwards show up there correctly:
    All come up dead and they all work just fine — but if you do domain search on those subdomains here:
    You’ll see everything is set up and WHOIS-able. I guess Google doesn’t like DNSstuff.com, eh?
    So are you able to hit the blog or not?

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