Yesterday in New York and New Jersey we experienced the strangBioterrore and pungent odor of natural gas. No one could explain then and no one, even today, can begin to explain now. What’s going on in the urban core?

The olfactory mystery in the New York region was matched by strange activity elsewhere. In Austin, Tex., police cordoned off 10 blocks of the downtown business district early yesterday after more than 60 birds were found dead overnight along Congress Avenue, which leads to the State Capitol.Air testing there failed to find a cause, but preliminary results determined that people were not at risk. In New York, the piercing odor was the talk of Manhattan, and it called to mind another mystery: the maple syrup odor that people reported smelling on separate days in late 2005 and whose source has never been established. In yesterday’s case, several people said they were overcome by the odor.

I hope alarm bells are sounding in guts all along the Eastern corridor inside those who are responsible for protecting the well-being of millions of people. New Yorkers are famous for shrugging things off and getting on with the business of living. Today, unlike back in 2005 when we let the “maple syrup” odor pass without a second thought in our busy lives — we need to recognize there is a pattern here that deserves — nay, demands — public inspection and immediate discourse and transparency from those who are vested in protecting the public interest.

Bioterror Smell

Are we being subjected to Bioterrorist test attacks or not?

Bioterror Smell

For the cautious among us, we cannot deny these “strange odors” appear to be a test — a precursor if you will — of the feasibility of a Bioterrorism attack on New York City and other major cities and the media are doing all the results testing for the rogues who are putting these “smells” into the air.

Bioterror Smell

The media then broadcast the results of the “smell test” by mapping all the calls to 9-11 and the Department of Health across the city. The pattern of exposure is precise and undeniable. The print media pinpoint where the smell was strongest and where people were sickest and how effectively the smell touched certain areas across the urban landscape.

Meanwhile, the local government makes excuses for the smells and shrugs their shoulders and tells us to move on and go back into the evacuated Macy’s department store and stalled PATH trains and emptied schools because you can “close the windows” inside a structure better than you can hold your nose outside on the street.

Bioterror Smell

We all remember the Al-Qaeda plot to blow up entire apartment buildings in big cities by “cutting the gas lines” and making those housing structures giant bombs exploding in neighborhoods.

Yesterday’s gas smell is a direct threat to our national welfare and our personal safety and it must be taken seriously by the international community because there have been two “smell tests” in New York City in the last year and both were wildly successful.

The next logical step in this sort of plot is for a real Bioterror agent to be released in New York City — but next time the silent killer will not have an odor and we’ll be picking up dead bodies in the street instead of shrugging our shoulders and scratching our heads and wondering what happened.


  1. Hi David,
    It is interesting that there were unexplained chemical odors in NYC at the same time that there were an abnormal number of dead birds in Austin, Texas.
    I wonder if something is afoot?
    We need to be alert for anything suspicious — especially if the reports about Israel planning nuclear strikes against Iran are true.

  2. Hi Chris!
    Right! There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Someone is testing what appears to be a toxic agent distribution method and we need to hammer down the who, what and why of it right now!
    There was also a false positive at the Port of Miami yesterday where a sprinkler system was tested six times and then blown up just to make sure it wasn’t a C-4 explosive.
    Isn’t that how the terrorists work? They fake you out once place while really striking another? Yesterday in NYC, NJ, Austin and Miami all point, in my mind anyway, to a strategic attack plan tested for putting in place in the future.
    I don’t think Israel will bomb Iran. They’ll force us to do it for them.

  3. David- Until we accept individual realities which vary from the concensus or Machiavellian “reality,” we will have more of the same. Interesting to note that N.Y.C., Miami and Austin Texas were chosen to experiment on as opposed to more conservative headquarters. There is a long history of such experiments. It seems pretty obvious that whatever the “mystery gas” was it could be readily analysed. Good dot conecting David.

  4. Fred —
    I am especially disappointed today because there are two new “theories” on the smell that have surfaced in the last hour and anxiously reported by local and national new sources.
    The first is that the weather cover was so oppressive yesterday that all air circulation was stopped and the “smell” was trapped in the canyons of the city making it seem stronger and more dangerous than it really was.
    The second is that a “swamp in Secaucus, New Jersey burped” and it’s that stink that everyone smelled yesterday.
    Now the media just blindly reported those two incident “excuses” as facts without applying any common sense of analysis for truth.
    If the weather is oppressive and no air is moving in Manhattan, how does the stink cross the river from New Jersey?
    On a breezy day there’s no way a “swamp burp” from New Jersey could cross the Hudson River so easily and land so precisely in several “hotspots” in Manhattan and other parts of Jersey.
    It looks to me like there were at five precise “test attacks” yesterday.
    Three were in Manhattan: Battery Park / 56th and Broadway / East End Avenue in the 80’s.
    Two were in New Jersey: Jersey City / Weehawken.
    The “swamp burp” excuse doesn’t make sense — and if it doesn’t make sense it isn’t true – but it also rings with nauseating familiarity as we were all “comforted” by the local political machines that the toxic air surrounding the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9/11 was “not harmful” and declared clear and clean by the EPA the next day when the air and burning organisms were highly toxic for several months after 9/11.
    The EPA and other testing sites reported the same general “all is okay” alerts yesterday hours after the first “test attack” was reported.

  5. The public is too easily pacified. As you noted, a statement from the media is often accepted as fact even when it defies common sense. Scary as it is, I’m inclined to agree with you that something bigger than a ‘swamp burp’ is afoot.

  6. UPDATE:
    In the spirit of “changing the topic” when reality cuts too close to the bone, isn’t it fascinating — and “convenient” — that our bombing of Somalia was quickly announced to counteract the smelly “test attack” news cycle by the evening news?

  7. Hi icedmocha —
    I realize people want to be pacified. They want to worry about things under their direct control: their paycheck, their healthcare and their families.
    Bio-attacks are something that would immobilize and frighten everyone because they cannot do anything to protect their wellbeing. They are at the mercy of an unprepared government.
    None of us are prepared to deal with that kind of massive terrorist strike by contaminating the air. We don’t have enough masks. Or antidote or evacuation plans.
    We don’t even have a proper EMS/Bioterror response team system in place to deal with the misinformation and riots that would surely ensue in a mad dash off Manhattan island and into the rivers.

  8. David- Keep on conecting those dots. You’re on a roll. Maybe the two news stories were meant to obliterate each other. Although this makes no sense on many levels, much of what the “prince” and his Machiavellian spin doctors and enforcers makes much less sense, even though many people suck it up and follow it even unto the death of innocent children and themselves in the name of fighting terror.

  9. First the flippant comments – like the reports of burps and farts …………
    Secondly – keep connecting the dots – there is no such thing as coincidence.

  10. Is it coincidental that Blogger is down, including blog @ 😉
    It’s another sign!

  11. Fred —
    The 60 dead birds in Austin, TX and the “smell” in NJ and NY — two different states — and the Port of Miami scare – a FOURTH state — are all too cute to not go together in some sort of orchestrated “bad intentioned” effort yesterday.
    If our political leaders will not be honest with us, at least speak in code to those of us who get the game. Can’t they say something like, “If you don’t want to smell something like that again, use this gas mask and buy this filter.” We’ll get the message we know what they know and we can then choose to protect ourselves from “the bad smell.”
    Yesterday’s reported Somalia bombing is a “look over here” while we “look over there” magician’s trick.
    Clinton did the same thing during the Lewinsky investigation. He dropped bombs to push away criticism of him and it worked! We were “at war” and I remember Trent Lott being pink-mouthed over it because he was not consulted as the Senate leader but in the end he was forced to support “the president” as the “Commander in Chief.”

  12. Nicola!
    Right! Even the mayor made a joke out of it yesterday by saying, “We must wait for the gas to pass.” It was surreal watching this “stage play” unfold before our eyes.
    I just wish our public officials would be honest with us and let us help them. We have eyes and ears and minds and we can be on point and on the lookout for nasty stuff.
    Our only hope is that the people who know are connecting the dots RIGHT NOW and killing the people behind these terrorist tests. We need to cut them off before they cut us.

  13. Hi Chris!
    It is all a conspiracy!
    My blog is down, my mail is down, my calendar is down, my start page is down… Google Groups were down for server updating, but are back now. I guess they’re updating the back end today.
    When Google goes down hard like this it usually means new neat things are being installed so it’s hard to get frustrated.
    Okay… mail is back! Oh! Calendar, Start and Blog are still down. That’s not so good for my new blog entry there today!
    This goes to show it’s smart to NOT have all your mail and hosting in one basket. I probably should find a low-volume cheap-o host I can run to if things blow up like this again.

  14. Hi David,
    The tough part is catching the people behind the tests — if there were tests.
    The government never did get the people who were behind the anthrax attacks that were reported right after 9-11.
    Get your duct tape and plastic sheeting out — just in case.

  15. Thought:
    It’s so interesting the 60 dead birds in Austin have no explanation, either. Austin has been “declared safe” — but there’s still no rumor or explanation on what quickly killed all those birds in the downtown area and when something like that has never happened before you need to look beyond the mystical and the random Godly and into the hidden specific bad behavior of people looking to do you harm.

  16. The Dead Birds:

    AUSTIN — The mysterious deaths of more than 60 grackles, sparrows and pigeons that touched off a dramatic shutdown of a dozen streets along Congress Avenue ended in a cliffhanger Monday, with officials still uncertain about what killed the birds.
    Preliminary tests for pesticides and other harmful chemicals came back negative, but officials were awaiting results of further testing at Texas A&M University and an Iowa animal testing facility operated by the Centers for Disease Control, said Dr. Adolfo Valadez, the medical director for Austin and Travis County Health and Human Services.
    The results could take several days to a week, he said.
    With yellow tape and police and fire vehicles, officials cut off access to streets and buildings from Cesar Chavez Street to the Capitol early Monday after 63 bird carcasses were found overnight scattered between Sixth and Eighth streets.
    Employees who worked in the buildings were told to report to work late, restaurants remained closed and a hotel had to find alternate accommodations for guests.
    Sooooooooo creepy!

  17. Chris!
    Right! The Anthrax scare is a fine example of how these things can grow and continue on with their own inertia. That’s why it’s vital to find out what happened — ESPECIALLY THE SYRUP SMELL FROM 2005 THAT LINGERED FOR A WEEK! No one still knows what happened. No one cares. Some people don’t see the unexplainable event as a bad anomaly and a clue to something worse coming their way — they look back on the smell with fondness because “the city smelled like pancakes!”
    Now isn’t that the best and most clever way to deliver a killer bio-toxin? Make it smell like donuts and people will inhale it deeply into their lungs for you!
    We need to know the intent of these planted smells and bird killings and fake C-4 bomb readings. Is it viral advertising? Is it kids? We can’t guess or wonder. We need to nail it down to know and that discovery must be done in public and in the light of day.

  18. Governments honest with the electorate
    – Since when?
    As we would say over here – it stinks – or there is something fishy going on.
    Google/blogger have had a lot of problems today – the forums are full of it.
    My mail has been fine – but I suspect UK mail is on a different server.

  19. Hi Nicola!
    Right. Governments are made to cover-up and pretend to protect while lining the pockets of the military industrial complex.
    If we get hit in two years with a bio-toxin — how many people will be smart enough to look back on yesterday and its plethora of anomalies and connect the past with their wretched present?
    Yes, Google are doing lots of work today. I just lost my mail access again, but not my Gmail Notifier that I have new mail waiting! Ha! I can see my BolesU blog if I login through the Blogger dashboard but not using the direct URL. Very wacko!
    I wish we’d get messages like this on all our Google services and not just in Google Groups:

    Google Groups will be undergoing planned maintenance on Jan 9th, 2007. During this time, some features may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve Google Groups.

  20. Hi David,
    I like the idea of Viral Advertising, :mrgreen: That could be the trend of the future — deliver a message via infection. Imagine a “viral” ad campaign for some product complete with wandering “street teams”: “You down with XYZ, dude? Give me five! If you weren’t before, you’re down with XYZ now!”
    The breathing deeply part frightens me. I’d be inclined to do that if I I smelled pancakes or something nice. It would be the perfect way to disarm people’s fears. I just hope everything bad continues to smell bad, but I know that the “bad guys” will probably make their toxins attractive to harm the most people.
    BTW, I have a story in the drafts queue. 🙂

  21. Chris!
    Ha! Now that sounds like “Virus Advertising!”
    I agree the way to hurt people the most is to lull them into a false sense of security. Governments across the world do that in order to get people to deal with painful things and soon terrorists will use that same philosophy to deliver death: Pet us with one hand and smother us with the other.
    Thanks for the heads up on the draft! I will read it later this afternoon and get it up here. I love the title!

  22. Fred —
    It’s an interesting read but there isn’t much there but rumor and I have a heard time putting hard belief behind a site that calls itself, “Conspiracy Planet.” The name alone suggests an abnormal paranoia.

  23. Dave —
    I did not smell the smell. I tried! We’re in the Heights area of Jersey City — we’re way up on a hill — the smell was concentrated in the “downtown area” which again, is a very precise location for what the authorities are claiming is a giant, moving, “swamp burp.”
    I don’t think this is a government operation. I think it could be a bioterror attack test by rogue groups hoping to do the United States and its people harm just like on 9/11.

  24. What was time delay between the *smell* and Somalian raids – or the news of the Somailian raids?
    Could the preparation of Somalian raids have triggered the *smell* ?

  25. Excellent question, Nicola!
    The first calls to 9-11 emergency to report the gas smell started in NYC around 10:00am and reports of the smell started being called in across the area over the next three hours.
    I believe I heard the first report of the Somalia bombing at 4pm.
    I remember the news window between 1:00pm and 4pm was filled with “What is that Smell?” and then, when the Somalia bombing hit, the smell story was dropped. Maybe the word went out from the authorities to “let it go…”
    It’s interesting not many news outlets are paying attention to the Somalia bombing. They seem to innately know it’s a ruse to deflect attention away from — not the smell — but tomorrow night’s presidential address when our leader will tells us with a straight face that 20,000 more troops will finish the job in Iraq.
    Here are some more Stink Stories from the Jersey side — and we blame New York! Ha!

  26. Love the fact that one of the journal staff was called Charles Hack …………………
    OK there is an 8 hour time difference between NYC and Somalia ………… so at 4.00pm in NYC it was midnight in Somalia.
    According to the BBC
    There was one raid on Sunday followed by more yesterday and today.
    No timeline anywhere yet though.
    The wires over here are quite busy with the story – it is the headline on the BBC and on Sky News, Channel 4 , The Independent, The Times and Aljazeera .
    So now I am wondering what they are trying to sneak past us too !

  27. Wild, Nicola! We’ll have to keep an eye on this. It definitely seemed the Somalia bombing was not being reported in real time — it almost had the sense of, “Oh, yeah, we did this…” as it was reported from the political powers through the mainstream media. The news media did not seem to bite on it much beyond the evening news last night.
    I have a feeling plans are drawn up and readied by the Superpowers to “bomb terrorists” whenever they need some good press. They preplan these raids and then hold onto until they need the political cover of “fighting terrorism” and banging the drum of patriotism and flag waving to shut up those who dissent and those who begin to seek the truth of the underlying policy.
    I have a feeling if we didn’t have these “smell attacks” yesterday and the 20,000 troop increase pending tomorrow, Somalia would not have been bombed into the picture.

  28. Somalia is your third front yes ? Afghanistan and Iraq , now Somalia – of course you will need more troups ……… to replace to ones you sent to Somalia.

  29. Haven’t we sort of forgotten about Afghanistan? I mean we’re there, but we’re not THERE. Somalia was mainly an air effort, no? That’s how it’s being reported here. We bombed them from the above and left. I think we’re gearing up to head into Iran next… first through the air and naval bombing and then on foot…

  30. We are still THERE and still getting considerable casualties – which maybe where that misunderstanding came from.
    Budgie has always had Iran up as next target since they went into Iraq and of course 20 000 extra in the area would come in extra handy if we did.

  31. Nicola!
    Yes, we’re there in Afghanistan, but we’re not THERE there in mind or spirit — only in the measurement of caskets and cashier’s checks.
    Iran next, then Syria, Lebanon and finally, Jordan. Can we fit ’em all in during the next two years? Sure nuff! Don’t mess with Texas!

  32. Chris!
    I remember hearing about the UFO thing and how a whole gang of United employees and pilots reported it and where shushed up.
    I sure hope they’re not gassing us! I hope they came down to save us from ourselves!

  33. Yes, it is terrifying, icedmocha, and if the Democrats don’t stand up to this sort of terrorism of a government against its people then we have no hope for a future that is free or righteous in the world.

  34. I saw that this morning, Nicola! You beat me to mentioning it here. Good job!
    So is this round two of the “proof-of-concept” or not?

    Three weeks ago thousands of crows, pigeons, wattles and honeyeaters fell out of the sky in Esperance, Western Australia.
    Then last week dozens of grackles, sparrows and pigeons dropped dead on two streets in Austin, Texas.
    As birds continue to die in Esperance and the town’s dawn chorus remains eerily silent, vets in both countries have been unable to establish a cause of death – despite carrying out a large number of autopsies on the birds.

  35. Was this another test?

    LOS ANGELES — A county supervisor asked for an investigation into why transit officials waited eight hours to alert authorities that a man spilled mercury onto a subway platform.
    The Metropolitan Transit Authority acknowledged the lapsed response on Thursday, a day after a multiagency terrorism task force announced it was looking for a man seen in videotape crouching down and dropping something onto a platform at a downtown subway station Dec. 22.

  36. The mysterious “sweet smell” is back in NYC:

    The strange, syrupy scent has descended on parts of New York City and New Jersey at least three times before. Beginning in the fall of 2005, people in various areas of the city and nearby New Jersey reported the scent.
    Some have theorized that the smell came from New Jersey. Others theorized that it was generated by a candy factory in Manhattan. There were also fears that the odor was linked to an act of terrorism.

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