Why are you significant?


  1. Good morning, David.
    I am significant because:
    1. I am made in the image of God.
    2. I have gifts and talents that when utilized made positive contributions to the world.
    3. I am a wife to Jerry, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to quite a clan.
    4. Jerry and I throw a delightful party at Christmas for our friends and neighbors.
    5. At 68 years old, I have accumulated wisdom and life experiences that may enable me be a guide to others.
    6. I care about the world and its people.
    7. I am imperfect and needy, thus offer an opportunity for others to minister to me.

  2. David,
    Brilliant image, made my day! Thank you!
    Am I significant in the perspective of this whole universe? Or, I just think I am? Will there be any change in the pattern of the universe if I am not there? Wish there would….
    I am exclusive, and yes unique (Nicola, we rock!) – because there will be no ‘second Katha’ – ever.
    My contribution to my family/friends/society/community won’t be replicated by anyone because they are mine.
    Are they significant? To me, yes. To others? It depends!

  3. On the seashore stood a man, observed to bend over and take up an object. With a deliberate move, far into the water, he flung the grasped starfish.
    “What are you doing?” the observer asked.
    “I’m saving this starfish by throwing it back into the water.”
    “But there are thousands of starfish who need saved. Your action won’t make any difference.”
    “It will to this one,” said the man as he flung again into the depths of the sea.

  4. Chris!
    But what makes you significant? Is a declaration enough?
    Hedges University! Now that’s something! We should start our own athletic conference: The Big Two.
    Snap! is now working in the comments on URLs and Author names! Yay! They fixed it!

  5. My existence is significant to myself David, of course! That’s my survival mechanism!
    I thrive on the energy of satisfaction. I need to satisfy myself to survive beyond the basic requirements of my daily life, so I perform, I contribute, I try to outlive myself. I want to feel important, indispensable.
    There is no conflict between being humble and to self identify as significant, everyone wants to be significant, but am I not satisfying my need only?

  6. Hey Katha —
    I wonder if significance is best defined by others in relation to the self or if it is acceptable enough to claim one’s significance without relying on the confirmation of others?
    Is it dangerous to proclaim significance without the verification of outside proof beyond the singular self?

  7. Hi David,
    Significance can be declared. Declaration can make it reality with enough hard effort. The opposite is true as well: If you tell yourself you aren’t significant, that will likely become your reality.
    If we create the “Big 2” that would also be significant! :mrgreen:
    And, Snap is pretty cool!
    I messed up your URL somehow — I noticed it because Snap had a “Queued for Capture” message.

  8. Chris —
    So if we can declare our own significance, can we also declare our own genius and our own success and our own fortunes?
    Does context matter?
    Are comparisons important?
    Google and Yahoo! will not let you advertise your site as “The Best” or any other singular declaration of significance because it is impossible to quantify and it falsely attempts to set your site above others.
    I love the “Big Two!” We will always be in the conference finals together! Now we need a logo and some rules…
    Ah! I wondered why BU was queuing. I fixed the URL in your comment!

  9. Unique
    1. Being the only one of its kind: the unique existing example of Donne’s handwriting.
    2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.
    a. Characteristic of a particular category, condition, or locality: a problem unique to coastal areas.
    b. Informal Unusual; extraordinary: spoke with a unique accent.
    I believe that as individuals are all unique. The only thing we have in common is that we are all human – after that we all differ – even twins differ.
    sig·nif·i·cant Pronunciation (sg-nf-knt)
    1. Having or expressing a meaning; meaningful.
    2. Having or expressing a covert meaning; suggestive: a significant glance.
    3. Having or likely to have a major effect; important: a significant change in the tax laws.
    4. Fairly large in amount or quantity: significant casualties; no significant opposition.
    5. Statistics Of or relating to observations or occurrences that are too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicate a systematic relationship.
    I have no significant influence, I have no significant achievements .
    I am just me 🙂

  10. Hi Nicola!
    Right! We’re all unique so doesn’t that make being unique ordinary?
    I wonder if significance is related to self-worth? I read that list and I find you quite grand and significant, yet you do not. That’s a curious disconnect!

  11. Hi David,
    “The Best” is always seen as “puffery.” But, if I was in charge of selling advertising, I wouldn’t be against it as long as people were willing to pay money to declare themselves “the best.”
    Significance, success, and genius can be declared. Of course, comparisons are always needed because the notions are always relative and dependent upon the context in which they are experienced.
    When I go to my car in a few minutes, I’ll declare myself to be the only genius in the vehicle. 😉 It will be up to other drivers to agree or disagree.

  12. That’s an interesting argument, Chris. If asked to describe yourself in a court of law, would you self-identify as a Genius or Significant? Or does the audience matter?

  13. This could be a personal mechanism on my part.
    As a child I was brought up with the belief that we are all unique, we are all different – and far from ordinary !
    When teaching about sexuality and in particular my specilaist field there is a need to stress that we are all different, we all deserve to be treated as unique individuals – in other words we have to loose the stereo types.
    When teaching larger groups ( 30) or so – one of the introductory excercises we do is basically a game of labels and categories. Start with male and female , then with blonde hair, red hair brown hair, dominant or submissive, straight , gay or bi , then we throw in religion, education, politics , music, what people eat etc etc.
    It makes the whole group think about what they have in common and also what makes them different from others – and breaks down a lot of their misconceptions about each other.
    As far as I am aware I have a fairly healthy self esteem and sense of self worth and a pretty balanced ego.

  14. We say ‘significant other’ to describe some one special because that person makes an impact on us.
    We attribute that title instead of the person claiming it. I claim to be unique but I don’t remember claiming myself as ‘significant other’ of someone, even if I feel that way.
    Do we mention everyone in our life we meet as significant?
    Self proclamation is a slippery slope if we don’t know where to stop.

  15. So, Katha, are you saying you are only significant if someone else labels you with that title?
    Once you are titled, are you then free to use it on yourself or not?

  16. What I am trying to say is a person’s claim to be ‘significant’ is not valid without any solid proof of action – be it in one’s daily aspect or in the bigger arena of life, it has to be tested.
    I don’t know if renowned world leaders ever claimed them to be significant, they knew they were exclusive and they could make an impact though!
    If I claim to be significant am I not labeling myself?
    If I am titled by one person in my life, am I free to use it? To that person, yes.
    To the world? – I don’t care.
    If I am titled by the whole world as a ‘significant’ person, do I need to use it freely anymore?
    The world knows already…that’s why they labeled me in the first place…

  17. Maybe its not for me to judge?
    Or maybe we are using different scales to judge by?
    Now if I had written an earth shattering book, got a world record for sailing around the world , written a wonderful album of music , invented something very useful, found a cure for some disease – then maybe I would consider myself significant.

  18. Hi David,
    When I’m in court, I never want to consider myself a genius because there are many other people out there who know more then I do. I want to remain open to learning and observing new things so that one day I can become a genius by learning from all of the other geniuses.

  19. Nicola!
    I’m sure Budgie and your children consider you significant and many people here and in your forum do as well.
    Does that not make you significant?
    Is it then the judgment of strangers you value over those who know you best?

  20. No more significant than their father is to them or budgies previous partner is to him.
    No more significant than any other parent is to their children or other partners to their partners.

  21. Hi David,
    Yes! 🙂
    I also consider myself pretty Significant when I’m sitting at my desk.
    I almost forgot that special feeling of significance when I drive through the I-PASS lane. 😉

  22. Hi David,
    I like the “Big 2” logo! I’ll have to my “U” set up sometime tomorrow so I can display it proudly.

  23. Chris!
    Perhaps we can find Scientist Cheerleaders!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! It looks so cool! Your campus is clean and beautiful, congratulations! I added the Big 2 bug to the sidebar here and on all my Boles University pages. Bwa-ha-harr!

  24. Hi David,
    The various Big 2 logos are great looking. I added one to the “newsflash” on ChristopherHedges.com.
    What font do you use for the number?

  25. Hi Chris!
    I just this second received email notification from WP.com that your comment was posted. Sheesh!
    LOVE the newsflash! It’s so fun! And wild! We’re kooky-lads!
    We will have more fun to come next week!
    The number font is “Princeton LET” but I’ve also seen it called “American” or something like that.

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