Go Colts!

Go Colts!

Will you watch the Super Bowl?

If yes, why?

If not, why not?

Who do you want to win?

Who do you think will win?


  1. No.
    Not applicable
    I am not a nice person when deprived of sleep and the time difference is a killer.
    Who is playing?
    Havent a clue …………….
    Enjoy – and may the best team win 😉

  2. Hi Nicola!
    The Baltimore (Indianapolis) Colts and the Chicago Bears are playing each other on the gridiron.
    Several years ago the owner of the Colts packed up the team in the middle of the night and moved the franchise to Indianapolis.
    He has yet to be forgiven for that betrayal and it was that surreptitious and sneaky move in the middle of the night that now disallows NFL team franchise owners from up and moving their team to a new city for a better stadium and higher ticket prices. Teams belong to cities and communities, the NFL rightly reasons, so if you move, you need to replace the hole left behind with a similar or better team.
    The Colts are a fine and deserving team of players. The Bears have had enough success this season.
    I prefer baseball over football but today in America — the world pauses while we inhale beer, Doritos and football.
    The game begins at 6:30pm Eastern and will run for 4 hours. The pre-game started at Noon. It’s an all-day affair!

  3. No David, I won’t watch it.
    It is on Sky Sports over here, but to be honest I don’t follow British sport nevermind American sports!

  4. I understand, Joe! American football is a narrow taste — and not really international — though the NFL claims football is now the national pastime instead of baseball.

  5. Its probably your biggest sporting occassion ?
    I guess our national equivalent is the FA Cup final .
    As Joe says it is on Sky TV – but I will be abed before it is halfway through I suspect.

  6. I remember watching a couple matches of the Chicago Bears, don’t remember the performance of the other team – so I am unbiased about the winner. The best team should win!
    I might watch the game, not sure yet.

  7. Nicola!
    Yes, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event we have. You watch it not for the game, but to watch the Adverts that pay $2.6 million USD for airtime per 60 seconds.
    Some of the most entertaining stuff you see on TV during the year are the Super Bowl adverts!
    Soccer, it seems, is the international equivalent.
    In America Pele couldn’t make soccer popular and, so too, will David Beckham and his Posh fail here.
    The Super Bowl is usually boring. One team is “on” while the other is dead. The scores are most usually lopsided.

  8. Hi Katha!
    Chicago has a great legacy. The Colts’ historic legacy was smeared by their smarmy owner.
    Most TV shows tonight are reruns — all the networks fear the power of the Super Bowl!

  9. Here’s the awful recent history of the great Baltimore Colts franchise:

    For nearly 40 years the Colts called Baltimore home. During that time, with players such as Johnny Unitas and coaches such as Don Shula, the Colts enjoyed great success and popularity. The team won two World Championships, and the 1971 Super Bowl.
    But after three more division titles in the mid-70s, the Colts went into a decline, posting a 2-14 record in 1980 and an 0-8-1 record in the strike-shortened 1982 season. Owner Robert Irsay, who acquired the Colts in 1972, wanted the city of Baltimore to upgrade its stadium. But with attendance dwindling and the team playing poorly, city officials were wary of such an investment. Relations between Irsay and the city worsened, and he began shopping his team around to other cities hungry for an NFL franchise.

  10. There was a short program here recently about the adverts – someone won a competition to have their advert screened at the Superbowl.
    I wonder how the players and the teams feel about the fact they are overshadowed by the adverts?

  11. Super Bowl adverts are huge! They live all year long. Coke is back this year after an 8 year hiatus where Pepsi was the sole Super Bown soft drink giant.
    I don’t think the players care about the adverts. They’re playing for the history books and for their giant $300,000 USD bonuses for winning. The adverts pay their bonuses!

  12. I must confess that if you want to torture me, tie me to a chair infront of the TV and make me watch sport … I’ll confess promptly.
    Then again I rarely watch TV. I grew up without it, and never developed the taste, it lacks depth for me.

  13. I understand your dismay, Sophia!
    Television rots your brain and ruins your body.
    It is the ultimate escape from reality. Even during the evening news!

  14. Welcome to Urban Semiotic, thereserose!
    Yeah! The BALTIMORE COLTS are the Colts we remember and love and want to win.
    Forget Indy! They have enough good things. Bring back Baltimore!

  15. Hey David, I’m watching the game all the way from Japan…just a little taste of home for me (from Victoria, BC, Canada). We’re about 17 hours ahead here, so the game started at 8:00 in the morning today (Monday the 5th)…no reason to not enjoy some munchies (crab chips, wasabi nuts, sguid jerky)with a beer in the hand, and a few in the belly. Go Colts!

  16. Hi Running!
    Welcome to Urban Semiotic!
    When you said you were 17 hours ahead — I thought you were going to tell us the final score before we knew it here! Ha!
    What are you doing in Japan?

  17. I think I will secretly watch the Figure Skating matches this evening, and tell my friends that I thought last nights Football game was amazing, and and a killer. But really, I don’t care.

  18. Welcome to Urban Semiotic, Zaid!
    You’re watching Figure Skating while commenting on the Colts! Heh!
    It sure is fun, though, watching them play the Super Bowl in the pouring rain.

  19. Boo!
    Colts coach Tony Dungy just said he was glad to show the world he could win the Super Bowl “The Christian Way” and that God “showed them through the storm tonight.”

  20. I should have logged in last night and participated in the fun.
    Every place around here had Go Colts and Go Bears signs because we’re 30 minutes from Soldier Field and 2 hours from Indy.
    The Bears used to practice in Rensselaer, Indiana at St. Joseph’s College back in the past. So there’s a local connection also.
    From the New York Times:

    Where Chicago Bears territory and Indianapolis Colts territory collide, as they often do here, it is hard for fans to know exactly where even their neighbors stand.

    We took off to run out to WalMart last night during the 4th quarter. The streets were empty and quiet as we drove the relatively short distance to the store. The normally bustling parking lot was empty — the few cars parked there probably belonged to the workers.
    We waited for a few minutes in the car listening to the game on WBBM AM 780. We heard the Colts win.
    Braving the -1 degree F temperatures (not counting the wind chill), we entered the store to hear someone yelling down an aisle that the Colts had won.
    It might seem strange, but I’m one of those guys who felt that no matter how the game turned out, things would be good for us because of our Chicago proximity and Indiana residency. I know it’s heresy — much like feeling happy if the Cubs or the White Sox are doing well.
    I could be upsetting the natural order of sports rivalries. Maybe that’s why my car didn’t start this morning. 😉

  21. It’s like the Mets and Yankees, Chris! The working blue collars love the Mets while the enriched elite love the Yankees!
    We missed you here yesterday. I thought you’d be a Bears man all the way! It’s good to know you can support both teams without getting too much grief in the process!

  22. Hi David,
    I was sad that the Bears didn’t win. Their QB went to my high school! Plus, my part of Indiana sometimes feels like it is more a Chicago suburbs than it is a part of Indiana.
    But, when the Las Vegas odds were in favor of the Colts — I knew to not get my hopes up.
    The Cubs and Sox split goes the same way. Cubs are for the elite and the Sox are for the working guys. Same thing goes for tickets. It’s tough to get Cubs tickets without dropping some coin while Sox tickets seem to be available at every church, school, and any various community group you can think of for affordable prices.

  23. Chris —
    Rex is being blamed, rather cruelly, for the loss!
    It’s fascinating how local teams split between the Haves and the Have-Nots.
    The monied prefer the Jets and the Knicks while the working stiff claims the Giants and Nets. Wild!

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