Is timidity ever appropriate? If so, what role does it play in society?

Does being timid serve to advance the efforts of politics or health or family?
Or does timidity only wound the timid and play into the hands of the powerful?
Are “meek” and “timid” synonymous in your experience?


  1. Powerful need timid so they can be ruled. That phrase keeps them in their place.

  2. Yipes! Harsh, Karvain. I think I sort of love it, though, because I take your point that we can’t have power unless there are those who agree — through timidity or force — to be ruled by others.
    Have you seen the movie 300? I watched it over the weekend. That was a Wowser!

  3. It was a bloody movie, Karvain. Lots of limbs lost. It was fascinating watch men go against the law of the land, lose their lives, but save the city in exchange.

  4. hello! I don’t know very well if I can or cannot come inside your chat…but, I was reading what you are speeking here and I think in portuguese we have simple translation for these words.
    timidity that sometimes can be a sickness, it isn’t easy to make difference between timidity and inhibition, and I think meek and humble have nothing to do with timidity.
    BUT, sorry, I am here for the first time, it is the first day and as I said…I don’t know if or when can I come in…lol, thanks. Sofia

  5. Welcome to Urban Semiotic, sofia!
    Thank you for your great insight into timidity! You have given me a whole new angle to consider!
    I hope you’ll join us more often. We are happy to have you with us!

  6. Love the topic David!
    Probably I come across a little “meek” at the very first introduction because of my modest upbringing.
    But I have seen sometimes it was translated as “lack of confidence” or “submissiveness” – I do not try to rectify the idea as long as I do not have to prove anything – when I do, that comes as another shock.
    If “timidity” is just nature then it’s ok, but if people step over some one because of “timidity” then the nature has to be changed.
    I guess we will end up with a debate like “do we need stupid people”?

  7. I don’t think “timidity” and “shyness” is equal – “timidity”, in general is an attitude – those who accept others’ opinion without question – we can call them non confrontational too.
    Shyness is a different thing I guess.

  8. I view “timid” as being extremely non-confrontational and as being willing to accept what one doesn’t like due to the fear of some sort of reprisal. subservient
    I view “meek” as being unwilling to put oneself forward, to agrandize one’s self, or to be the center of attention. humble

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