We are celebrating “Deaf Awareness Week” in the USA as we honor the work and achievements of the Deaf on a worldwide scale. 

My question to you today is this — and you must pick one over the other — you may not choose both or refuse to answer if you comment because we’re actively examining values and reasoning and the aesthetics of the body in your cutting of this Gordian Knot: 

If you had to lose your sight or your hearing, which sense would you choose to lose and why?


  1. I would choose to lose my hearing. Sight = Independence to me. I need my eyes for my passion (photography) and I don’t think I could ever be happy again if I lost my eyes. I could live without being able to hear, as I know I could still communicate, and not have to depend on anyone for my own independence. My uncle is deaf, and it never stopped him from doing anything. He worked very hard to get where he is today, and I look up to him. 🙂

  2. Hi David,
    I am ready to give up my “hearing” but not my “eyesight”.
    I can still taste life with my eyes and hot being “hearing” will help me filter unwanted informations.
    I am biased, no doubt! 😀

  3. David, if I lose one of my senses right now there will be a void for the rest of my life because I know the experience.
    Will the other 4 compensate?
    Well, I will try to be satisfied with the rest 4.
    What if I am born without one? I think I will not experience the void but will find a way to cope up.

  4. Well said, Katha! I do think the other senses “sense” the catastrophic loss of a sense and they become more intensive to cover the loss in a natural form of self preservation and protection.

  5. I love it when you’re logged in, Katha! You as “Katha Simpson” always makes me laugh because it looks so much like your real life Avatar pose while being… just… slightly… off…. 😆
    It looks like the others have given up their Simpsons identity so if you want to move on as well, I understand. 😀

  6. I agree about the other sennses trying to cover for the lost one David!
    I have no problem with the “simpsonized” version of mine – simpsonized or not – I am Katha – the same!!! 😀

  7. This post was in my stats for some reason so here I am. I’ll participate in the poll. I’d surrender my hearing. I think you can absorb more on more levels via the visual sense of sight.
    very interesting blog btw

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