Today’s question is simple and we await your beautiful answer:

Where do you go when you’re lonely?


  1. Today, partially out of loneliness, I called Apple. They asked me some weird question about an order number and since I happened to have one I gave it to them. I was trying not to be lonely but instead the woman told me I should expect Leopard today or by the latest, Monday. That seemed good because in my previous fit of loneliness, I e-mailed this woman called Kezia and told her that I could finish some weird activity called “TE-ing the book” by next Friday and she said that would be great. That certainly made me feel a lot less lonely.
    I wonder if loneliness is why I have so many bears and feel the need to make web sites like ask vampire bear ?

  2. Hi Gordon!
    Ha! You mean you don’t have a tracking number for your Apple delivery? My Leopard arrived at 10:00am this morning — yes, I pitifully paid full price for a family pack — and I promptly installed it on two machines and they’re purring like kittens.
    I hope that killer sked doesn’t kill you! :mrgreen:
    How do you know Kezia is a woman? 😉

  3. When I was a child and they told us in school that the learning process never stopped I thought they must have been kidding because eventually we had to graduate. How silly I was. I just learned something today!
    It’s amazing how some people are absolutely never lonely – just to get a bit more ‘on topic’ 🙂 Some people are quite content to eat alone in a restaurant, go to a movie alone, read a book (well that’s pretty much always a solo activity unless you’re reading out loud to someone) etc – and not feel the lack of another person.

  4. Thank you David for making me realize that it has been so long since I was lonely that I have forgotten what it is like to be lonely – and where I went when I was.

  5. Gordon!
    Right — there are loners and there are those who need the company of others. I think there’s a difference between lonely and lonesome. Lonely means you want company and lonesome means you enjoy being alone.
    I’m not big on eating out alone — but pretty much anything else I’m happy to do by myself.

  6. Hi Nicola!
    I wonder if you would be more lonely if you lived alone? Or does your online life supplant any sort of immediate need for other bodies being warm near you?

  7. Good question – there are two of us here now – we have a fairly constant stream of visitors , which is supplemented by a rich stream of on-line companionship.
    We are still enjoying the honeymoon stage after the third child flew the nest a couple of months ago – we are relishing the peace and quiet.
    I suspect I could become lonely if I was on my own – more so than budgie who is far more self contained than I am. I have always been more of a people person.
    I think on-line relationships and friendships can ease part of the *burden* of loneliness – I don’t think they can solve it on their own .

  8. That’s a touching comment, Nicola! I had no idea you were both alone now. Did your son choose military service?
    You seem confident and self-contained to me. It’s interesting you think budgie would do better alone than you would. Surprising! 😀

  9. It is a new development – and may or may not be permanent – time will tell.
    My son chose to stay where he was – and has been rewarded with a six month stint as Assistant Manager – complete with significant pay rise.
    The eldest – the last to fly the nest is now in Kent and touch wood is happy ( so far ).
    My youngest is just starting 3rd year Natural Science degree in Chemistry and Pharmacology and is talking about doing a PhD next year.
    (Please excuse proud mommy moment)
    I am taking budgie at his word with that observation – we had several *what if* conversations when I was seriously ill about how he would manage and what he would do if I didn’t survive.
    I am confident and self contained – because he enables me to be – I would like to think that I would be able to retain some or most of that without him – but an internal voice tells me that may not be the case.

  10. I love proud mommy moments!
    I have to say if I were born and raised in your house I WOULD NEVER LEAVE the house or the beach or the beautiful rural living! 😀
    It’s amazing you and Budgie had such a deep and wondering heartfelt conversation about death and moving on. Wowser!

  11. I never want to leave ………. I always said the only way I would leave is in a wooden box.
    However they have lives to lead, money to earn, dreams to pursue – but they do have this to come back to.
    The conversations were very much a product of the situation – and also a confirmation of just how good our relationship was and still is.

  12. I hear you, Nicola! Why leave a paradise you appreciate?
    You’re right your children need to find their own way beyond you.
    That’s a tough conversation for anyone to have and, yes, it is wonderfully admirable how the two of you were able to sort through the emotion, fact and wonder.

  13. Where do I go when I’m lonely? Hrm, loneliness for me isn’t always eased by the company of other people.
    I’m very much a nature person, and I LOVE being outdoors. If I feel lonely or down, I usually head up into the Mountains.
    While there may not be much in the way of other humans, there’s always an abundance of other things to take note of, such as the birds singing in the trees, dragonflies and frogs and toads croaking by the lakes, and huge Eagles soaring overhead.
    When you open your eyes, look around you and see all this, you don’t have time to be lonely anymore 🙂

  14. That is a wonderful lesson, Dawn! We can find pleasure an enjoyment in nature and we can find companionship there away from people. Love it! 😀

  15. Reading…reading… and more reading…
    I prefer to stay alone unless the company doesn’t seem to be interesting – though I do not like to eat out/watch a movie alone!
    Hiking is another choice!

  16. Reading is wonderful, Katha, I agree! I do it all day long without really realizing that I’m doing it! 😀
    Hiking is great fun. I miss it living in the city. In the country you can always create your own niche for being alone.

  17. The reading corner in the bedroom, switch on the stereo, pick up one of my Donald Trump’s books and let Rexton the cat sit next to me. Oh, a mug of coffee on the side table too.

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