We are former United States Senator Bob Kerrey fans.

We are current United States Senator Barack Obama fans.

We don’t like it when one of our objects of admiration bashes the other.

When Bob Kerrey — “The Luv Guv: Fluff Up Your Pillow and Dream About It” guy to fellow Nebraskans who had to suffer through the daily reporting of his romancing of movie star Debra Winger during his tenure as our state leader — started slumming Obama’s “Muslim” heritage and “madrasa” schooling in Indonesia on behalf of Hillary Clinton yesterday in Iowa… we cringed… because it was only either sort of true or not true at all.

Our Bob is better than petty politics and we cannot stop wondering why he got down in the mud to become Hillary Clinton’s hired thug.

That sort of social mugging of Barack Obama in the name of nominating another Clinton to the White House is unfortunate and, frankly, unseemly.

We know what Bob was doing.

Bob knew what Bob was doing.

Hillary knew what Bob was doing.

Both Hillary and Bob need to publicly repudiate their unfair slurring of Obama with an apology and a promise to never stoop that low again.