When it comes to selling on the internet — a book, an idea, a jacket, a bucket of flowers — is it the power of cognition, the quality of the work, or the advertising scheme that sells the product?

If a product does not sell — does one blame the producer, the product, or the sales pitch?

Products do not survive in a vacuum, and if the world’s greatest
product remains unsold, one must begin to wonder why the slipstream was
not caught and why the salesmanship failed to place the idea in the
vortex of the human condition.

Luxury items are not harder or easier to sell than basic necessities. 

The hook in any financial transaction is one of fulfilling want and
desire:  “I must have this in order to compel the completion of me.”

Selling something, anything, on the slipstream of the internet
doesn’t require A Perfect Storm to find value and embedded marketplace

It takes hard work, a discernible sales plan, and the passion and
drive to show people why their lives will be better when you provide
them the means to compel their completion.