Is it possible for two ones to ever become a second?

While Hillary would love to have Barack protecting her back as a second Vice-President — Bill would be the first — would Obama ever take third fiddle role?
If Barack wins the first place prize — why would he ever consider his mortal enemy for the second pepper slot? To welcome Hillary into a campaign of change is disingenuous in situ, and dangerous and in the general election, because you tempt duplicity by pandering for gender votes.


  1. It certainly seemed to work for Reagan / GHB – wasn’t it GHB that said that “Trickle down economics is voodoo economics”? 🙂 How things changed once he was vp!
    I don’t see either HRC or our man Barack doing that, though.

  2. Gordon —
    I do admire the Republican ideal of “getting along” with each other in public to present a united front. I think that shows they are dedicated to the whole of a cause and not individuals.
    The Democrats, however, worry me with all this infighting. Hillary’s plan is to blow up the convention to get the nomination and she might well succeed in doing that because the mainstream media want that circus — but she’ll hand the election to McCain if that happens.

  3. If I were Barack I might use the facts against her. I will win California, I would say. You might lose. 46 to 43 is not a guaranteed win. 49 to 40 is. If we want “4 more years” of 100 year in Iraq thinking, by all means, vote for you. A vote for you is a vote for McCain, I would say.
    That’s just me.

  4. That sounds like a good plan, Gordon, but why aren’t they doing it already?
    Why are they letting her stick around and put her foot in her mouth and her hell up Barack’s bum every day?
    Do you think disaffected democrats will turn against the eventual nominee and vote for McCain?

  5. I have no answer other than perhaps he is worried that getting too “dirty” might ultimately work against him and he is just trying to keep winning states the way he has been winning them.
    I absolutely do not think that anyone who is registered as a democrat will really vote for McCain. It’s a childish reaction – well if you don’t let me have pudding, I won’t let you have pudding! In the end they will see the choice between FOE MOE YEES and an end to it and the choice will be pretty obvious.

  6. Gordon —
    I hope the next round of wins will calm everything down and she will make a quick and graceful exit. I doubt that will happen, but we can hope, right? 😀
    I, too, hope the democrats stay sane and on course. We need to get out of the Middle East — when John McCain said yesterday we had a “moral duty” to stay there, I couldn’t help yelling back at the TV that we immorally invaded them in the first place!
    What gall the republicans have when it comes to changing history and flat-out making up lies about what really happened.

  7. Hi David,
    I have a feeling he just might do it, or at least consider it seriously. I don’t believe he really thinks of her as his enemy. He has the air of a person who knows that they are both playing out their given roles in the race for the democratic nominations. And if he does end up with the nomination, he might consider it – the bitterly fought battle between them – a thing of the past and be the first to move on.

  8. Dananjay!
    I appreciate your international viewpoint very much — you have a better angle of yaw on this than we do here in our own nationalistic, myopic, view of the contest.
    I hope you’re right he’s playing the “upper hand” hand that he’s been dealt and that he’ll stay above it all and not sink to her level.
    The major media are pushing this whole fight for their own economic delight. If she were a man this would be over. If he were White, this thing would be over. Her gender keeps him in and his Race keeps her in the race.

  9. I’ll only breathe a sign of relief when she concedes the nomination. Otherwise, she’s still in, as far as I’m concerned. Those Clintons don’t go away and are continually rewarded for stomping on the ten commandments and anyone who stands in their way.
    I say Obama shouldn’t do a thing but be himself! I thought he handled that Rev. Wright thing perfectly. I respect him for speaking the truth about his relationship and respect him even more for his loyalty. Sometimes things in life aren’t black and white. And organized religion can be very complicated. He didn’t sell his friends and mentor down the river.
    Now if this were the Clintons dealing with a Rev. Wright situation. They would have tossed him right to the dogs and never looked back.
    Hopefully, folks can see what I see. That Obama is a human being. And that my friends is worth a whole lot!

  10. dmtessi —
    Well said! You’re right she will not give in and will not give up. I now question those who are attached to her. What is her appeal now as the angry loser waiting to strike a match?
    I agree that the whole Rev. Wright thing was overblown. When Obama moved to Chicago he’d finished study at Harvard and wanted to serve the poor community.
    He joined a Black church with lots of members and he immediately was able to get the feel and support of the community. Does every parishioner believe everything their pastor or minister or priest preaches? Hardly.

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