I have looked at Twitter and Tumblr — and I confess I do not understand the fervent joy of their technological pull.

What am I missing in these nanny technologies? 

What is the purpose of publishing every unedited will and want into the world?

I’ve seen entire “blogs” filled only with Twitter and Tumblr updates.

Do one sentence blog entries create compelling content?


  1. Twitter is sure funny, but useless, unless you post your actions every now and then from your cellphone, which is useless itself. It just makes fun to show off.
    Another piece of this – news from bands and such stuff. This is really good if you consider yourself as a true fan.

  2. Twitter is an oddity. I keep looking for content that interest me and it’s generally lacking — especially from the “stars” with tons and tons of followers. It’s just blabbering. If you aren’t teaching us something we don’t already know, why are you opening your keyboard to Tweet?

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