We live on the web and we give up our lives to the technological edge we get in the manic high of discovery and meaning.  That effort carves away bits of us in the process of propagating our hopes and yearnings into the ether for a response and a sharing.

This process of giving us away — this “RelationShaping” — is what gives form to our re-formation of wonderings and wishes as a human culture. 

There is always the danger of The Misshapen trying to recreate us in their image and not our own.

We can cut and shape The Misshapen — or we can add to their thin forms
and round-off their bitter edges with our friendly email, proactive
blogging, positive websites and informational wikis. 

Our chisels are thoughts and criticisms — our cudgels are those who
hide from the open process — purposefully Misshaping their personas
into anonymous assassins who, gnome-like and discredited in their
everyday life, seek to whack the humanity out of the rest of us with wild
attacks and puss that poses as posts. 

The Misshapen can be re-formed and re-constituted as vital members of
the RelationShaping society — but they must first confess their
ugliness and their dirty deeds — and then humbly ask for transparent
forgiveness in their penultimate sins against the human form.