The conservative moaning over the Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement starring Rachael Ray is incredibly dismissive of reality and prejudiced against secular facts.  The scarf Ms. Ray was wearing in the advertisement was not a “terrorist wrap” in any way and she, and Dunkin’ Donuts, should’ve publicly condemned the conservative effort to shut down their right to express their taste and style to make a dollar.

The fact that Dunkin’ Donuts caved in to conservative calls for censorship is chilling in the bare evidence that the company lacks a backbone and has no real sense of what it means to have integrity in the marketplace. 

Why didn’t Ms. Ray make a public statement condemning Dunkin’ Donuts?  Sometimes doing the right thing is more important than a commercial contract.

We urge you to vote for freedom of the mind and support morality in the marketplace by boycotting both Dunkin’ Donuts and Ms. Ray’s projects for not publicly standing up against this wretched censorship in the name of tired, partisan, fundamentalist politics.

Perhaps, with the good moral core of America standing against them, Ms. Ray and Dunkin’ Donuts will realize the terrible, international, error of their hubristic and brittle ways.