Hulk Hogan said on the Larry King Show this week that the young man —
a former United States soldier — who was injured in his son’s car
crash, and who is now in a constant vegetative state, was so grievously
injured in the accident because God wanted to “make him a better

We are repulsed by Hulk Hogan’s insensitivity to the
young man’s worried family and for not making it clear his son was at
fault for perpetuating the accident.

We wonder if God wants to make Hulk a better person by having his wife divorce him and take all his money?

Hulk revealed earlier in the year that his “Hogan Family” reality show
was scripted, and not real at all, we began to realize we are dealing
with the mentality of a performer and not that of a caring father or
cogent member of society.

If the Hulk’s son were in a vegetative
state based on the behavior of another person — would he still so
rashly and cruelly invoke the name of God to comfort him and to so
painfully demonstrate the agony in a family’s religious ecstasy?