Are we able to survive the perils of Capitalism? 

As humanity progresses into time and as we work to move from slavery to Colonialism to Imperialism, the big question is: “Can Capitalism sustain our bitter self interests?”

Too many people over the last generation or two believe Capitalism means survival without pain, progress without retribution and longing without damaging aftereffect.  
True Capitalism is only earned in scars and the loss of blood.
If we are to sustain a vibrant economy, we must be aware of, and accept, the pendulum swinging above us like the hangman’s axe. 
Capitalism coerces the worst in us to provide a spiteful profit — and the suffering of the many for the benefit of a few is the escape clause we all signed at birth with a forward footprint – but none of us really understood in the forbearance of the mature mind.


  1. That is quite the cartoon must say. Sorta says it all since the second big one right. We need to care for all people even in a money centered society or we will all be in the trash bin.

  2. It does seem necessary, Anne, that for the mirage of capitalism to succeed and not fail, everyone must be accounted for in the end — and that doesn’t mean imprisoning them all or throwing them out of the country.

  3. Fair point, Anne, but what pure socio-economic portal for survival of the richest has ever existed without some degradation by a foreign idea beyond its original mission?
    Perhaps the days of the Egyptian kings and slaves is an example? Even the Old South had intra-niche movement between the “haves” and the “have nots” when it came to field slaves and house slaves.

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